I Really Wanted To Blog.

You know how they say if you want to write, then just write. That's exactly what I am about to do. I just spoke with my lover-girl (I am very straight)  for about forty minutes. We rambled and went on and on about boys/men, some of our old friends from secondary/high school, reminisced just a tiny bit about high school, laughed hard and when I was sure she was safe in a bus (or whatever was driving her home at 12am), I hung up. We talked a lot about men. ha-ha. Why do men cheat? Does anybody know? Why would you buy an expensive ring, propose to a girl with the intention of marrying her and then turn around to cheat on her? Human beings are somehow. It inspired me to tweet tonight after such a long time, I've totally lost my Twitter mojo. Anyway, in the tweet, I asked girls to be wary of womanizers and to not be fooled by 'cute' pictures floating all over cyber space. Bella Naija put up a  picture on Instagram yesterday and a girl commented "Some girls are lucky sha" I sent a voice-note to my other lover-girl  where I said "Bella Naija has been tensioning girls since forever"   These days, girls are usually so mesmerized about anything wedding-ish, relationship-ish and those types of things. If I put up a picture of me right now with an engagement ring, I will be sure to get about a billion likes instantly on Instagram. Lol.  It may be the cynical part of me, but I never go ohh and ahh over a seemingly happy couple's picture. Never. And, oh, I love love too, it's just I know people LIE on social networks a lot and keep up appearances. So, these days I am never fooled. I may of course, appreciate a beautiful picture but that's about it.

Totally Random

My Sister: What is the full meaning of atm?

Me: Automated Teller Machine.

My sister: Not  that one jor, social media abbreviation...

Me: *bursts into laughter* Ohhh...okay, 'at the moment.'

Was I a nerd in my past life? LOL. Because I am certainly not a nerd or anything remotely close to that, for that matter in this life. But sometimes, the way I take things seriously amazes me. I mean, she was right in front of the computer, probably chatting or something and the first thing I could think of was the actual abbreviation ATM. Ugh. I'm somehow. I better stop taking life so seriously, for my own sake and the sake of others.

I Think I May Have 'Beefed' Stella.

I really don't know where it came from, but I had been very angry with Stella Damasus. Actually, I know where it came from; it started from when  I heard rumors that she was now married to Daniel Adenimokan (popular Actor and Director) and that it was a secret wedding they had in the U.S. Same Daniel that was married to Doris Simeon, another actress. Therefore, being an anti-husband snatchers that I AM, I was very furious. I'm still not sure how true or false the gist is because she has refused to say anything at all about it. Besides, I don't know why I am chewing Doris's aspirin for her because, clearly she didn't send me to 'fight' on her behalf. Now, I can be really somehow especially when my mind is made up about someone (look at me sounding like I'm a god. Hiss). With this bias, I just refused to be interested in anything at all that had to do with Stella. In spite of all her noise all over the internet supporting the CHILDNOTBRIDE campaign, I didn't budge. That's something I normally would adore someone for, instead I was even irritated. Why is this one screaming all over the cyber space? I thought.

Pride Or Plain Honesty?

I did my laundry as soon as I woke up yesterday but I didn't get around to sorting it till it was about 1:00am, after I was done with the internet. The Internet though; a blessing and a curse. Believe me, I could write a thesis on that. Anyway, that's not why we are here today. While I was as sorting out my clothes in the closet, a thought occurred to me. I stared at my walk in closet and my vain self thought "I'm not sure I can live in a house without a walk in closet o" I was barely done thinking that when another thought popped up "ah ah? When did that one start, which manner of shakara is that one?" Ladies and gentlemen, those are some of the mind battles I fight on a daily basis. LOL. Now, a year ago, I did not have a room with a walk in closet and life was fine, perfect. So, why on earth was it seeming like such a big deal now that I had one? I couldn't help but think that by indulging us or by giving us some of the comforts of life, are our parents helping us or not helping us? I have heard of strange cases where a very rich man would deliberately deny his children of some luxuries under the guise of discipline. That is absolutely absurd to me though, I mean why would my father have millions/billions sitting duck in his account, and I would be going about living life like a pauper because of discipline? I think that is weird. However, the fact of life is that some people have been thoroughly indulged, such that they can not handle some of life's petty challenges, much more the complexities. And their being very ignorant of the other side of life would be very genuine, even though people around them may think otherwise. I remember one Sunday in church; I sat by my brother and his friend during the service. While the pastor was preaching, he made a reference to a poor person who could not afford five or ten Naira, I can't remember the exact figure but it was something extremely meager. My brother's friend (who is from a wealthy/quite affluent home) turned to him and said:

"Is that possible? How can someone be that poor? I mean is that laziness or something because I pretty much can't understand why someone wouldn't be able to afford five Naira."

Adam's Syndrome.

I'm sure we all know the famous story about Adam and Eve. Because, that's the basis of the title and this entire post. Now, what exactly is this Syndrome? Man falls after eating from forbidden tree, so he hides among the trees in the garden of Eden because he's feeling naked and exposed. God finds out Adam is hiding and proceeds to ask how he knows he is naked and if he ate the forbidden apple.

"The woman you put here with me-she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it." 

That is the syndrome. Blaming every other person, except ourselves of course, for all our problems. I often wonder why many people find it so hard to take responsibility for their actions. Every now and then, people feel the need to resort to blackmail when things go sour. Then you begin to hear things like;

"Oh, If only my Parents had my time and weren't too busy"

"Oh, my Parents were too strict and uptight, so when I got a little chance, I was thrown off balance"


Just when I was recovering from the shock of Pastor Biodun of COZA, I stumbled on THIS POST talking about how Martin Luther King was a womanizer; he steadily cheated on his wife. I was SHOCKED.  This is not a post where I go on and on about how disappointed I am. I have learnt, once again that my personal relationship with my God is what matters. I will pray for these people though, that keep spoiling my God's name. I will also pray that my God will not get very angry at how his name is being abused these days. Martin Luther?! That one that has monuments of him all over the world; even in the capitol hill in Washington DC!! My sister and I have a picture standing by his statue. Na wa!
Have I been living under a rock, why does everybody know, except me?

I Tried To Think Of A Title; Came Up With None.

I spent the entire weekend watching season 2 of the TV show, Scandal. I finally caught the bug, I let my sister influence me. I'd watched season one earlier and going by what I wrote here about my loyalty to my favourite old shows, I lost interest after season 1. But, that was really not the problem or should I say that was less of a problem, the major reason was that I hated, despised the idea behind the show. A man that can hardly manage his own family does not deserve to be the leader of the free world or to run a whole country. However, I realized it was just a show anyway and there was no need to take it so seriously. I'm certain the idea of the show was controversy, so I just ignored my thoughts and went ahead to watch season 2. I enjoyed it, I mean it was not so exciting, it was not the type that would boost your adrenaline but I enjoyed it. Mostly drama, when in fact I love much more than just 'drama' in a show. That's not really the point though.