About me

Hi there,
Welcome to my blog. Or as I like to say, "my little corner of cyberspace". My name is Ifeoluwa, but most people everyone calls me Ife.

My greatest dreams are to fulfill God's purpose for my life and of course, to make my Nigerian parents proud of me. This blog is mostly about issues close to my heart, and frankly a little bit of everything. This blog is multifaceted: I mostly write about social justice, bookslove, life, friendship, inspiration, and of course my Christian faith.

As for me, the introverted and opinionated person behind the blog, I'm a Nigerian girl striving to achieve my versions of the Nigerian and American dreams, while living in America. I'm an academic by day, and at night I'm a storyteller,  passionate creative, and crusader for social justice and equality

I love to read. I love to watch and re-watch my favorite T.V Shows. I love to write. I love to daydream and I'm a sucker for real, good food.

You may wonder what "The Modern Cedar" means. Well, I explain that here. My ultimate goal for this blog is for everyone who visits to leave feeling a little better than they came. Or at the very least on the way to being and doing better. 

What started as a space to air my [very strong] opinions almost four years ago, has now evolved into a space to share my constant struggle to live like Jesus would and to inspire and/or motivate others to do the same, among other things. I love telling stories, and when I see or hear or find something profound (or basic) that is also [somewhat] interesting, I like telling others about it.  More importantly, this space helps me to relax. To grow. To thrive. You will, over the course of reading this blog find that I love God and my family...a lot. You will also suspect that I am a feminist, you will be right. Those are the labels I allow for myself.

Please...join me.

Remember though: sometimes it's a fireball...other times, it's just a flame!