I Really Wanted To Blog.

You know how they say if you want to write, then just write. That's exactly what I am about to do. I just spoke with my lover-girl (I am very straight)  for about forty minutes. We rambled and went on and on about boys/men, some of our old friends from secondary/high school, reminisced just a tiny bit about high school, laughed hard and when I was sure she was safe in a bus (or whatever was driving her home at 12am), I hung up. We talked a lot about men. ha-ha. Why do men cheat? Does anybody know? Why would you buy an expensive ring, propose to a girl with the intention of marrying her and then turn around to cheat on her? Human beings are somehow. It inspired me to tweet tonight after such a long time, I've totally lost my Twitter mojo. Anyway, in the tweet, I asked girls to be wary of womanizers and to not be fooled by 'cute' pictures floating all over cyber space. Bella Naija put up a  picture on Instagram yesterday and a girl commented "Some girls are lucky sha" I sent a voice-note to my other lover-girl  where I said "Bella Naija has been tensioning girls since forever"   These days, girls are usually so mesmerized about anything wedding-ish, relationship-ish and those types of things. If I put up a picture of me right now with an engagement ring, I will be sure to get about a billion likes instantly on Instagram. Lol.  It may be the cynical part of me, but I never go ohh and ahh over a seemingly happy couple's picture. Never. And, oh, I love love too, it's just I know people LIE on social networks a lot and keep up appearances. So, these days I am never fooled. I may of course, appreciate a beautiful picture but that's about it.

By the way, I heard about the lady that is on the quest to make 300 sandwiches for an engagement ring from her boyfriend. Dude did not mince words, he told her up front, "make me 300 sandwiches and I will propose to you." At least, that one made his intentions clear. Home girl has made about 177 and is still very determined to make 300. I am confused. I thought love was unconditional. I may be wrong. Feminists have taken the matter up and are currently mad as hell that someone dared to do whatever it is feminist fight against. It is her life and she can cook what she likes. Let me just say that If any guy tells me to make him 300 or even 20 anything because of a ring...I rest my case. This is not to say cooking for your man is wrong, it is not. I will GLADLY do it anytime if necessary. In fact, everybody should know how to cook. If for nothing, for your own stomach at least. Food is a necessity.

Speaking of Twitter, the second reason I tweeted tonight was because of Grey's Anatomy! Season 10 premiered tonight for TWO hours. That show is just 10 decades of awesomeness. I know I made a lot of noise all over my social media outlets tonight but the show deserves it. I tweeted two very important and highly emotional scenes from the past nine seasons. Unfortunately, MY FAVE, Sandra Oh who plays the character of Christina Yang is retiring/leaving after season 10. I wonder how they'll make the character leave, they are going to make a grown woman shed tears though. I am sure about that. That woman is such a great actress, she says so much without words, it's amazing!

Wow, so it worked; if you want to write, just write. It did work. Actually, I think the statement is "if you want to be a writer, then just write." I mixed it up. Shout out to every amazing writer out there. Speaking of writers, Ted Dekker's Skin is a terrible book. And coming from me, a great fan of his work(s), that should mean it is indeed terrible. I don't know what he was trying to do but the book started well and turned out to be nonsense. Horror gone wrong. Interestingly, when I started reading the book, my Dad held it for about 15 seconds and told me the book was an utter fail, I was like "uh uh, how can you tell, in just how many seconds of holding it?" Little did I know. I should have known it was the author in him speaking. Amaze-balls. The other day, someone was talking to me and he used the word 'amaze-balls', then immediately said afterwards:
"Do you know what that means?"

UGH someone gotta tell these folks I'm not from the cave.

"Of course, I do" I replied him

I'm tired of hearing stuffs like;  "How did you learn how to speak English so well."

I grew up speaking the language, dude.

I really wanted to write or blog or do something else, but I couldn't. I just was not in the right frame of mind emotionally to write. Forget that grammar, I wasn't in a happy mood and even though a conversation with my friend cheered me up, I did not think I could think about anything so I decided to ramble. Ramble I did. I don't think it turned out so badly. So when next you want to do something and you don't feel like because of a mood, just do it anyway. I hope to be in a much better and happier place when next I write here.

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