I Think I May Have 'Beefed' Stella.

I really don't know where it came from, but I had been very angry with Stella Damasus. Actually, I know where it came from; it started from when  I heard rumors that she was now married to Daniel Adenimokan (popular Actor and Director) and that it was a secret wedding they had in the U.S. Same Daniel that was married to Doris Simeon, another actress. Therefore, being an anti-husband snatchers that I AM, I was very furious. I'm still not sure how true or false the gist is because she has refused to say anything at all about it. Besides, I don't know why I am chewing Doris's aspirin for her because, clearly she didn't send me to 'fight' on her behalf. Now, I can be really somehow especially when my mind is made up about someone (look at me sounding like I'm a god. Hiss). With this bias, I just refused to be interested in anything at all that had to do with Stella. In spite of all her noise all over the internet supporting the CHILDNOTBRIDE campaign, I didn't budge. That's something I normally would adore someone for, instead I was even irritated. Why is this one screaming all over the cyber space? I thought.

Recently,  Bellanaija posted her video, Stella Damasus' Diaries, episode two. I watched it and wanted to give her a knock. Who is giving this woman so much audacity? She started to talk about some 'haters' somewhere. Instead of me to have just agreed that I was one of such haters, I was getting angry. Lmao.

However, I was just really curious about why she sounded so hostile. My curiosity led me to deciding to find out why someone who is only about 35, may already have had three husbands (if the Daniel's gist is true). Unfortunately for her, we happen to always know her gist. I always knew her first husband, an Aboderin died suddenly, many years ago, I also knew she was accused of killing him because of her promiscuity or something like that. Anyway, I typed in "What killed Jaiye Aboderin?" in Google. I can be jobless sometimes sha, ahn ahn. Anyway, Google brought out many links of course, so I clicked on one that seemed like an interview she granted when the young man had just died.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't know someone's story, please do not judge them. Damn! She was widowed at 26, TWENTY-SIX! There was a point in the interview that I was crying. It could not have been more sudden; he just slumped and died, no sickness, nothing. They were even planning  to host their friends that night, he went to play Basketball and that was it. I guess the whole thing being so sudden made it even more devastating for her. It turned out she almost or even sort of had a mental issue during that period. It was all too much for her to sink in, coupled with the 'war' from her husband's family and the press. The press did the most damage, I think. I believed, she learnt at a young age to grow a thick skin to all of it, so even now, she has trained herself to be so hard core, that she fights everything with a cold shoulder and does NOT give a damn anymore. It occurred to me that the reason I was so angry with the recent aggression was because Stella used to be our screen darling, she used to be really sweet and she always had a smile plastered on her face. Now, I was seeing a completely different person, a no-nonsense person with a strong 'shock-absorber.' And that's what the above video depicted, someone who does not care about what anybody says about her anymore. I really pitied her though, she must have been through hell. Here's the link to the interview;

That being said, if the gist about Daniel is true and she was already with him while he was still married to Doris, this does not justify her at all. And, I still have my restrictions, but more than anything, I have learnt once again, that it is not in my place to judge anybody. Especially, because I don't know them or know their story or whatever. I won't judge you does not mean I will not call out something that is obviously bad or wrong. So, adultery and husband/wife-snatching are still bad, don't get it twisted. Peez out.

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