I Tried To Think Of A Title; Came Up With None.

I spent the entire weekend watching season 2 of the TV show, Scandal. I finally caught the bug, I let my sister influence me. I'd watched season one earlier and going by what I wrote here about my loyalty to my favourite old shows, I lost interest after season 1. But, that was really not the problem or should I say that was less of a problem, the major reason was that I hated, despised the idea behind the show. A man that can hardly manage his own family does not deserve to be the leader of the free world or to run a whole country. However, I realized it was just a show anyway and there was no need to take it so seriously. I'm certain the idea of the show was controversy, so I just ignored my thoughts and went ahead to watch season 2. I enjoyed it, I mean it was not so exciting, it was not the type that would boost your adrenaline but I enjoyed it. Mostly drama, when in fact I love much more than just 'drama' in a show. That's not really the point though.

I couldn't help but notice how people, women especially reacted to Scandal on Twitter and then real life discussions too. I didn't understand. People were going ooh ahh over the relationship of a man and his mistress. No, a President and his mistress! MISTRESS? People gave the aww-love-is-sweet impression. Heck, love does not just happen. You make choices. There is something called freewill, and the most important gift God gave man was the ability to choose. Adam's first assignment was to choose names for all the animals in the garden of Eden. So in my opinion, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington's character in Scandal) and every other mistress/side women knew exactly what they were getting into before they did. Every woman gets furious with the mere thought of their partners cheating but they were ready to 'forgive' Olivia Pope because of 'love'. The whole idea is pretty disgusting to me. Ugh. The other irritating aspects of mistresses is when they say things like "Oh, he may be with her (wife) but I have his heart" That's the most stupid expression ever. You know what mistresses do? They hold on their lives, they pause it, they live their lives with the lingering hopes that one day Mister man/men will leave his wife and finally be with them. Before they know it, they have spent a huge chunk of their lives waiting on someone who is never going to leave his wife and worse, they turn down potential suitors in the process. If that is not delusional, what is? Typically, a real mistress is in denial, they believe they are genuinely in love, so they are in the right. All of these were dominant in Ms. Olivia Pope. One minute, she was claiming she was over him, the next she was on bed with him. Confused much?

The men on the other hand, the men! They too aren't left out. There are different types of cheating men. They come in variants, so while I can not specifically spell out some dominant characteristics of cheating men like I did with the mistresses, I will speak on the basis of President Fitzgerald of Scandal. I know cheating is now so much of a norm that people are now accustomed to the act, that still doesn't make it right. However, it could be argued that President Fitz's marriage was already on the rocks anyway and he had a stupid woman for a wife. But, like I strongly believe, that is not an excuse. Nobody forced you to marry a anybody. You took a vow before God or before a public attorney or before whoever, you cannot just wake up one bright morning and break those vows. The Fitz guy was so outrageous in that, instead of him to be keeping up with the enormous tasks of running a nation, he would frequently escape to his secret lover's nest. grrrr. On a particular instance, he said to her 'You're the most important person in my life.' I subconsciously muttered "Bastard" at that scene and later laughed at myself for taking it so seriously. I couldn't help but imagine if such nonsense indeed happened in political offices all over the world. I'm sure it does. It's so ugly. I remember a scene where Olivia said she preferred a type of love that's devastating and ugly or something like that. You see what I'm saying about delusions. Now, understandably, Fitz's wife was a hell of a person; power driven, negatively ambitious, somewhat a nag and let's face it, out-rightly stupid. However, those were still not reasons for him to get a mistress. The time he spent lusting after a mere mistress, he could have spent that time fixing his home as it should be. It could also be argued that no one should remain in an unhappy marriage. Unfortunately/fortunately, I have never been married so I can't or will not answer that. It's funny that I'm totally against divorce because I've tendencies to be cynical and also because I'm the if-you-don't-like-something-change-it type of person. And, that is what marriage is not, it is a commitment, a lifetime one. So if you decided to marry a twisted person, don't throw in the towel because you think you have found the one you actually love. Remember, it was the same way you 'loved' your present partner.

This cheating issue reminds me of a popular handle on Twitter, @AssitantMadam, many people think it's a fake account though. But trust me, I've never seen or heard anyone spew so much nonsense with confidence. I totally love her command of English and whoever is behind the account writes well but it's a lot of nonsense. Talking about, she owns the men. The impression he/she (It's an anonymous account) gives is that she is a 'sugar baby' which means she deals with aristos, and not just regular men but high profiled politicians in Nigeria. She tweets about travelling to exotic places and living THE life on the account of these men, of course. One day, home-girl tweeted that she had an account with a balance of about two million naira that she had totally forgotten she had. It's just funny how confident the person can be. At first, I was like 'Wow" but the more I read the tweets, the more irritated I got. I never read them anymore. I actually think it's a fake account. Although, I know, I am sure politicians have tons of sugar babies. How else do you spend excess allowances you have no use for?

I'm not doing marriage counselling biko, everybody can do whatever they like. I just think that people need to stop living double standards. When it's your partner that's cheating, it is totally wrong! But when it's someone else, it's okay, as long as they are in love. No, life does not work that way. And by the way, I'm extremely irritated by what everybody calls Love these days. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has been abused the way Love has been. It's the excuse for stupid actions, it takes the blame in every circumstance and yet, majority do not fully understand what it really is.

So, that's how I spent my weekend; watching Scandal and over-analyzing in my head about Love and cheating and things like that. I concluded though, that I was one of the extremely few people who did not agree with the major character and her idea of love and her other philosophy; the one where it's okay to do bad and dirty things as long as it 'fixes' a situation. No, the end does not always justify the means. How did you spend your weekend? The above analysis are not from my experiences at all, they of course are from people-watching, strangers-watching and movie-watching. LOL. Happy New Month! :)

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