Butterflies or True Friendship?

So, I saw a post on one of my very favorite blogs, www.inthemidstofher.com. You see, in this world that we are in, as young people there are so many 'not normal' things that have been normalized. Especially when it comes to love, dating, relationships, sex and marriage, AH we have been made to believe all sorts. It is why Twitter kind of annoys me these days; people spew utter nonsense with confidence and lead other people astray. Anyway, so blogs like inthemidstofher are there to remind you that no matter how insane the world is, some people albeit few are getting it right. There are many awesome posts that will inspire a young unmarried lady/girl/woman (whatever) in the blog. I like to call myself girl though for some reasons even I don't know.
This particular post that caught my fancy is like a chat segment that she did. I will just put the link below instead of rambling. I'm happy somebody else shares that school of thought though. I mean why do we all think/assume love must be a magical feeling with sparkles here and there. Sometimes, love is really just great friendship. I prefer the latter though. What am I doing with sparks and magic when I can have true and everlasting friendship? To each his own.


That is the link to the great post. Be sure to check it out, you will be happy you did. :D


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