What Kids Think About Marriage...

"When two people come together before God"

"When two people fall in love with each other, a female and a male..."

"To be together forever." (I think that even a toddler has a better understanding than the adults.)

"When a female and a male get together in the presence of God."

What is Love?

"Love is my Mummy and my Daddy."

"Love is when you love your nana."

"When two people like each other and do good things for each other and they help each other out." (No, seriously, has this young man not said it all?) 

"What Mum and Dad do, that's love."

"I love my Mum."

"Love is when you love your grandpa."

Are you going to get married?

"When I grow up...yes" (Keyword: GROW-UP. These kids are smart!)



"uhhh...I'm not thinking of about that right now." (This one sounds like me. lol.)

"I guess...yes."

"I'm only 10, like I said I'm only thinking about my life..." (Same as the guy above, still sounding just like me. lmao.) 

The above sentences in italics were the replies of children to the questions. The oldest must have been around 10 or 11. The words in brackets are my thoughts.



  1. Awwww.....the innocence of kids. Children are pure, until they they start growing up and learning the vices of the world

  2. "When I grow up" says it all...it has to do about growing up. L0L