Hey there people! Life has been...well, life. I saw this true life story-more like my father made sure we read this story-in an O magazine. O magazine is the Oprah's magazine for those who do not know. My Dad constantly and this is not even an exaggeration, CONSTANTLY teaches us self defense techniques because it's such a scary, dangerous world. *Shudders*. Anyway, share this story with your sister, wife, girlfriend, cousin, friend, acquaintance...whoever it can help. Because like I said, life can be weird, for lack of a worse word.

"I was on my way home from work, cutting through the park. On that day, the sun seemed to set faster, and suddenly I found myself walking in the dark. I was less than half a mile from my apartment, but the path led me over a bridge, across train tracks, and through an unlit underpass.

Then I heard him- a stranger running alongside me in a half crouch, partly obscured by the bushes. My mouth went dry, my legs felt like water. But I didn't pick up my pace; instead, I stopped, turned and faced him. He came out of the bushes and said he'd been watching me 'for a long time.'

As he walked beside me, I steered us closer to the edge of the park. When we reached the bridge, a train rumbled past, and he seized the moment, lunging at me as his hands closed around my throat. HE FORCED HIS TONGUE INTO MY MOUTH. The self defense skills I had learned years before kicked in, and I DUG MY THUMB INTO HIS EYE, HARD. And then came the shock: he didn't flinch. he only grew bolder, pulling at my clothes. My mind flashed to a tip from an old guitar teacher: Press the strings like you're pinching a flea.  I PUT EVERY OUNCE OF MY STRENGTH INTO THAT THUMB, and finally he let go.

'Don't be like that,' he said.

'It IS like that.' I replied nonsensically.

I was shaking with fear, but I looked him straight in the eye and began to back away. I turned to sprint the hell out of there, but then I remembered another self-defense lesson: NEVER RUN, because then you're prey. So I walked away-alone-through the pitch-dark tunnel as I punched 911 with trembling fingers."
- Kris Herndon
The words in caps; they are things my Dad always told us prior to reading the story especially the thumb rule. Also, he made sure to underline them in the magazine for us. Lol. You'd be surprised how many people could NOT have been raped if they knew just what power their thumb or teeth had. Also if they maybe knew to not let fear overpower them in such circumstances. Just share if you can, let's hope that we can end the scourge, rape. One word at a time. One blogpost at a time.


  1. Man, must hv taken lots of courage 2 do wat she did.she's lucky itworked tho

  2. Yes, I agree. That took a lot of courage and she even admitted to being really scared. Thank you for stopping by :-)

  3. Wow! Kris' story is really admirable. Imagine being put upon in a situation like that and still managing to be brave. It’s never easy to stay calm under such circumstance, but she was able to defy fear and did not let it get into her. Her presence of mind and the fact that she followed the thumb rule is really admirable. Anyway, thanks for sharing that story. All the best!

    Rosalina Harford @ Core Therapy Associates, Ltd.

    1. I agree with you. It's amazing how she found that much strength and courage in such a fearful situation. Thank you for stopping by :-)

  4. So funny -- I am the author of that piece in O -- I'm glad you found it inspiring! I always tell my friends, take self-defense!! It CAN save your life!

    1. Oh wow! Interesting. I am glad you shared your story of courage and bravery. It was inspiring. Thanks for stopping by :-)