People Watching; Conversations.

I was thinking about blogging tonight but I had nothing to write. Then I remembered my mobile note pad-the one on my phone-and decided to got through it. I sometimes type or jot down very random things, mostly conversations with strangers. Some of them are funny, while others, out-rightly bizarre. I'm not sure what category the one below it. I think I'll call this 'series'  People Watching. The sub title; Conversations. Because even though it's a conversation, it somehow is still People Watching.

Random Man: Where are you from?

Me: Nigeria.

RM: Oh really? So how are things with you people?

Me: Well, not bad. I just wish we would have less selfish leaders.

RM: Oh yeah, your leader, he looks like a cowboy with his hat.

Me: :( :|

RM: My Doctor, he's Nigerian, Dr. XYZ. He's brother went home to contest for an election.

Me: Presidential?

RM: No no, just local governor. You know he got only one vote. He was a lecturer in the university here. He had to come back here, he said there is no space for honest people in Nigerian politics.

One vote though! LOL #WhichwayNigeria?

:( = Sad face.
:|= Straight face.

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