Violence is Wrong!

We need to teach Black girls how to use their words instead of their fists. There have been too many incidences on T.V these days where Black girls are doing the exact same things we have been stereotyped as—Loud, Ratchet, Violent, Excessively Inappropriate, Uncouth, Illiterate, Whore and many more. It is disgusting, to say the least, to have black girls dragging each other by their weaves on National T.V or worse, punching and spitting on their sisters' husbands. The only thing worse than that behavior is having fellow black girls justify such preposterous acts.

"Yes she deserved it, in fact XYZ should have beaten her more."

"So what if she beat him, do we know what he did in the first place."

"Go girl, teach 'em"

I don't care about what really happened in the situations I described above. (I know we all know the people I was talking about) What I know is that violence can't ever be justified.

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