What is Your Bride Price? Check For Free.

Ha. I must confess. When I heard about a website brideprice.com.ng where women/ladies could go to check their Bride Price, I was livid. This is preposterous. I thought. What have they reduced we women to? Then the curiosity in me led me to actually try it out. It was a series of questions for you to answer before the price could be determined. Then I realized it was all just a joke. I didn't even believe I had disliked it in the first place. The questions were in the lines of your height, educational background, physical features, morality and things like that. You could check for yourself and your friend or foe. When I did it the first time and it valued me at whooping seven hundred thousand Naira! hahahaha. I was too happy to hate on it.


Fast forward to earlier today, I logged on to Twitter to see what was happening around the globe. Only for me to realize some people took the APP very personal and decided to start a petition against it, they wanted it to be shut down. I remember blogging about some fake activists recently. I don't understand why we have refused to choose our battles wisely. They complained that the APP objectified women and reduced our sense of worth and value. Right. In the actual sense and in reality, many Nigerian women are given off to their husbands in exchange for a Bride Price. Hello Ibos. The Yorubas and their pride don't even receive any bride price, they claim that would be like selling the women. On the traditional engagement ceremony however, the husband/bridegroom and his family are to bring items on a long list of petty things such as Yam, Fabrics, Fruits and so on and so forth. What are all these  petty things for a super premium babe like me eh? That was how the APP described me. LOL. If you really want to stop objectification of women, ban every Nigerian music video out there where women are made to look like a price to won; where women are compared to alcohol, money and drugs. Pfft. The Nigerian society itself  has been fabricated such that women are given to their husbands as  properties. So the invention of this app has nothing to do with objectifying women.There are plenty problems in this life, we need some humor.

However, I figured it was easy for me to like and perhaps enjoy the website because at least, I was worth quite a lot according to the website. It was such a fair process, to be honest. The only segment that could have made me a bit skeptical and maybe slightly irritated was the skin complexion part. That was a sensitive part. Interestingly (And I was glad about this), the skin color described as Lupita had the highest amount in that segment. And, as it should be Whitencious a.k.a bleached-skinned folks came with a discount. Which only meant Black is beautiful and should be celebrated. Right? The website was not too superficial. Okay, the part about where you lived and your accent were funny but honestly, every part of that website was funny. That was the point! Most importantly, it is not by force. You either check or you don't. If it displeases you, do not check. This is a petition, we are NOT signing. Ain't nobody got time for that. Laugh along folks, check for yourself, your friends and oh yes, your enemy. Hahaha!

By the way, as at this morning, mine had increased to 1,108,500 Naira. Whoosh, I probably should get married right about now. My amazing S checked mine and that was the amount she got. Isn't it great how highly my darling thinks of me? I told A I was being modest initially and that was why I got a score that low earlier. I better begin to blow my trumpet. I can't even shout. Hehe.

Love, and some laughter,

P.S; THIS right here is a battle worth fighting. We still haven't found our girls. #Bringbackourgirls.

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