1.) Life can be so unpredictable, sometimes in a sad way. I pray Kefee's soul rests in peace.

2.) Sefi Atta's Everything Good Will Come is a great read. I had a slight problem with the way it ended but apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3.) I just watched an interview of Hilary Clinton by Diane Sawyer. It was so critical that I was beginning to think Diane must have had a prior 'beef' for Hilary.

4.) Still on that interview, how was it that she was able to be so thorough (and maybe objective) with a former secretary of state and maybe future President of America?

5.) The Nigerians complaining about Isha Sesay's interviews of Nigerian Political leaders need to watch that interview.

6.) Why do people tell so much lies? 

7.) I hope the real Piper Kerman was not half as stupid as the Piper Chapman in Orange Is The New Black. The character is so reckless and stupid that I keep wondering how the show can be based on someone's real life story.

9.) Okay back to Hilary. I am somewhat angry that she seems to have suffered more that her husband and Lewinsky, the cheaters. At every opportunity and every milestone in her life, people keep asking her about it,  in such an obnoxious manner.

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