On Religion And Atheism.

My last post. The page-views blew my mind. It reminded me that people are very interested in relationships and marriages. Most importantly, it captured my exact thoughts on 'Soul-mates' and 'The One'. I have another thing to share today, something of a more controversial nature. I am actually enjoying sharing my findings from cyber space here. Apart from giving you all a break from my 'rambling', it will also help to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes, different from what we normally are used to. Enjoy.

We truly have not realized how much power, by default, our minds possess.
The number of atheists/free thinkers will only be on the rise.
Just look at what we've made of religion? And what we have allowed it make out of us...
I salute atheists. I mean to commit your life to proving that something or someone doesn't exist is dauntingly brave.
But the respect/caution that they show towards Islam shows that they are not anti-religion or anti-god but are mostly anti-Christian.

Back to how the church of today is helping more people embrace atheism.

Scenario 1: I'm in church leading prayer. "Pray that God opens the eyes of your understanding and gives you revelation into this or that."
People start mumbling words

Scenario 2: "Pray that every padlock behind the problems of your life from your father and mother side should crumble."
Immediately the whole place becomes vibrant. Somersaults. Claps. Tantrums. All sorts.

Our people obviously identify with a padlock and some red cloth in the village than with a loving God willing to reveal Himself to them.
We accepted this God concept through the lenses of our traditional beliefs. We [humans] really don't see things as they are, but as we are.
Pause for a moment. Is this an African thing? Or a human thing?

Standing out, as cool as it sounds, is never pretty in real life. The Israelites always went back to gods they could see and touch.

You'd wonder why one would go back to idols after seeing awesome miracles. Trust me you'll do same. In fact, you are doing same.
We always want to 'be like the other nations'. Want to have a king like the others. Want to have gods 'we can see and worship'
So. Since we can't see this God and don't want to commit to knowing him, we'll blindly follow anyone that claims to know Him.
So a man speaks well. He becomes leader of thousands. Has a random dream, calls it a call from God. Right in the church, idolatry blooms.

Many people lose a little bit of their faith when news of a Pastor's scandal goes viral. That is becoming often nowadays. More faith...

Disappointed you must be. Faith? You must not lose. This is the true test of who your God is: God or the man?
Don't hold any man in too high esteem. Honour and respect Yes. But man is always man. Man can fail. Man fails.

In summary, my attitude towards atheists is love and empathy. More love though. We helped them reinforce their beliefs.

A note on the Nigerian church? We are not as spiritual as we seem (to the outside)
Some claim we have prayed too much with no results. Prayed? Your own prayer you mean?

In closing, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Ok. That's it.
I think I have started a conversation on here. Or helped fan to flames an existing conversation.
I will now sit back and moderate.

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