Blog-Versary...Hurray!!!! Plus Compilation Of Popular Posts.

Guess whose Blogiversary it is today, mine! Today makes it a whole year since I started blogging. Of course, I am thankful. I think I have been more consistent than I thought I would be, so I commend myself. Truthfully, I have NOT been that consistent but I surpassed my own expectation. Not just in consistency now, but even in terms of readership and audience. The fact is that I don't publicize the blog that much. I share most posts on Facebook, just a few on Twitter and I have since stopped putting it on my BBM. No word of mouth at all. There is not one person I personally told to check my blog out. My Dad shares ALL my posts though lol, my siblings share some. My friend M once sent a post to everybody on her email list haha (Thanks bae). Also my friend Tomi the owner of  sometimes shares some. That's about it. So imagine my huge surprise when my words and articles have been to countries I have only seen on the map; Bolivia, Kenya, India, Germany, Japan, Turkey. Places I only dream of visiting, my words have been. Imagine my surprise when I realize that thousands of people have read my blog or perhaps people have visited my blog many thousands times. The internet is quite fascinating, to be honest. I hardly post pictures neither do I have a unique design—I should work on these soon though, I mostly just write, literally. Yet, Blogger tells me that people are reading. SOOOOOO, ladies and gentlemen, THANK YOU. For always reading. For sometimes commenting. For sometimes emailing me.

So, how do we celebrate this big day? Hehe. I decided (long ago) to list the ten most viewed posts on my blog in the past year. Although, thinking about it now, since they were the most viewed, do I still need to put them below? Shouldn't I just list the least viewed? I'll probably do that at a later time. But for now, the posts that got—and are still getting— the most buzz. Here goes;

1) MY HUSBAND IS NOT MY SOULMATE This was not originally written by me. I got it off another blog. The idea behind the post is something I had always strongly agreed with so I thought to share it. I would later realize that many people were quite fascinated by the topic and discussion. Oh well.

2) DID GOD REALLY SAY THAT TO YOU...OR DID YOU SAY THAT TO YOURSELF? Lol, this is just about three or two weeks old. I guess the title spoke for itself.

3) MY ANGER JOURNEY Honestly, the idea to blog about this thing came very randomly. It was a challenge or maybe a dare to make it public. I hope I challenged someone else.

4) THIS THING CALLED LEADERSHIP My personal expository on leadership with inspiration from the bible.

5) BATTLE OF THE SEXES AND OF EQUALITY The closest thing to feminism I ever wrote about.

6)SOMETIMES, LIFE IS WHAT IT IS, LIFE. My anti Y.O.L.O campaign. Someone needed to tell some of these young people to get off their high horse and wake up from their slumber to the reality of things. I volunteered to do the telling.

7)YOU WERE MY FAVE, OLU. Yayy, the second fiction on this blog. It was quite convincing though. My friend, Ugo thought I did lose someone. Lol.

8)HOW RIHANNA TAUGHT ME TO SAY NO TO NUDITY Rihanna did not actually inspire the post. No, it was a blogger who got inspiration from nudity that aroused my interest in the topic. Really? Nudity and feminism? Seriously? Ugh.

9)ON LAZY AFRICAN INTELLECTUALS AND NON INTELLECTUALS WHO DETEST THE TRUTH What kind of a title was this anyway? Lol. It was not originally written by me also but I gave it that title. It was an AMAZING post with plenty of truths and wisdom. And the pageviews was just as amazing.

10) SILVER JUBILEE PLUS ONE One of my earliest blogposts in celebration of my parents' wedding anniversary. People love love though. Lol.

Whew. That was not an easy compilation. With this list, I probably would be able to narrow the focus of the blog. So, drinks on me of course, for tonight. Dress code is formal; black. See ya tonight. Lol

Thank you guys for always reading my ramblings. One year down, many more to go!



  1. Congratulations on turning one! I hope you have many more enjoyable years of blogging.

  2. Awww!!! Congratulations and more "grease" to your elbows!

  3. Congrats darling! It's always a pleasure to read from you (I mean that). Greater years ahead :) xx