Linda's New Cars And My Thoughts On Entrepreneurship.

This is going to be a really quick post and I hope to capture all my thoughts on a whole lots of issues I have always wanted to blog on like Entrepreneurship, Success, Money yada yada. I also apologize in advance, this is a somewhat serious post , it is scattered AND it is against POPULAR OPINION. SORRY NOT SORRY. Some days ago, I stumbled on some controversial tweets about popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. She had just bought a brand new, 'tear rubber' SUV, very shiny something. LOL. Then she captioned it "Daddy finally allowed me..." something like that. By the way, she turned THIRTY FOUR today. The matter of having to get permission from her Dad is story for another day. I also don't care if she posted her car and the price(I think she said it was thirty million or thereabout, not sure) or if like her younger sister, she posted receipts of her designer bags. If you ask me, some of those things seem like poverty mentality kinda thing. But moving on. Along with the picture of herself and her new car, she wrote a post encouraging young men and women to strive for success and to never give up and all that, which was an absolutely amazing thing to do. I was doing my blog round just now when I saw a post by lifestyle blogger, Sisi Yemmie about the 'things to learn from Linda's success.' I commented but it was not enough for me, I had to blog about it. 
                                                 Linda and her new ride!
                                  Linda again, with the oh so beautiful car.

First and foremost, I admire Linda and her success story. It's a lot of God's grace. It is also a great reminder that the race is not for the swift neither is food for the wise. Honestly though, a big part of me does not agree that hardwork brought Linda her success and money. I know, I know. I probably don't know her full story and I know she dabbled on quite a lot of things before settling on blogging. That's not bad in itself, in fact sometimes, to know what really suits you, you need to try a variety of things. But in regard to her blog which was what brought the fame, I strongly believe she just happened to start something at the right time. This is not to spite Linda or 'hate' on her. I am one of her voltrons, I actually do like her a lot. However, I am not one to mince words when I don't want to. Let's face it, there's hardly any creativity or depth in Linda's posts. No real  research, no nothing. Sometimes, she even posts false news and rumors. So while, the perseverance and persistence in her story is one to preach about, people need to tone it down on telling young people to start their own businesses or just start an organization. Sisi Yemmie said Nigerians need to move from the mentality that being a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant is the only way to success.  Actually, the reverse is the case now. My greatest fear right now is that in 20 years time, there will be no Doctors in Nigeria as everybody would have gone to pursue their 'dreams'. Is it not puzzling and worrisome that the only attractive careers are the easy ways out? Young Nigerians are now only interested in making money the fast way. Nobody wants to be a Doctor or Economist or Teacher or Research Scientist, everybody and their mothers now want to be C.E.Os. Do not get me wrong, being a make up artist or photographer or musician or actress is great, they are all very dignified and resourceful ambitions. But how is it that no one takes the time to LEARN their crafts anymore? How is it that these are seemingly the only attractive positions? How is it that in every darn gathering, people are being told to become entrepreneurs and those of us who do not have the flare for setting up businesses are being looked down on as mediocre?
                   Wait, you thought I was joking when I said tear rubber?

                                 Linda and her fleet of cars...whooshhhhh! Lol

I dare say that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Not everyone can 'work for themselves'. Not every '9-5' is such a terrible idea. And just so you know, if the reason you want to establish a business and become a CEO is because 'you can not work for someone else', let me break it to you honey, you. is.unwise*. If the reason you want to be a CEO is because a '9-5' is too monotonous and time consuming,*. Half the time, people lack the necessary discipline and commitment to create something fundamental. You think a 9-5 is draining? Honey, try starting a business or an organization. It becomes your entire life because the moment it fails, you have failed.

The other day, I found out that someone's  establishment was about making people CEOs. In other words, she spends her time bashing people who work for others and telling them how much of a waste of time their lives are. I am not kidding. I was in awe. I mean if we are all CEOs, who then will work for us? Not everyone is a leader, this may sound really absurd but it's the truth. Some people were made to serve. Not everyone is a Moses, some people were made to be Aarons; to be helpers. I am not one to say money shouldn't be your goal, everyone's goal is different. For instance, I can't imagine having a career that does not impact the life of at least one person. That's me. Yours may be that you can't imagine a career that will not be able to get you a private jet. To each his own, but RESPECT YOUR LANE. Face your work, ushe onise*. I don't know what irritates me more these days than when people hear what you do and scoff; "What do you need that for?" "Why aren't you getting an MBA instead?" How about you mind yo' own business eh?

By the way, while failure is a sign you are probably doing something right and  you should continue to persevere, it also can be a sign that whatever you're doing is an absolute waste of time. The earlier you can figure out which category you belong, the better for you and your family.

Disclaimer; if you want to be an entrepreneur and maybe you have a great idea, then by all means, go ahead. Lol. Not that you will see me in my office tomorrow now, as the CEO of course (big grin) and call me a hypocrite.  This is not to discourage people from following their passions, it is just to let people know that sometimes, you need to be hardworking or at least have an understanding of what it is you want to do. You cannot expect me to pay you a lot of money as a make up artist for instance, only for you to turn me into a character in cirque du soleil. If you must be a C.E.O, please be one that is committed to excellence and a good work ethic. Some people parade themselves around celebrities for a living. You will also find some of such people bashing a Banker who is working for his/her hard earned money; they will say the person is 'slaving' away. Ermm, the irony. Look, nobody is worthless simply because they don't have fancy jobs. As long as you are being paid for your labor and services, you are worth much more than I can describe to you with my words.

I am NOT against ambition and  innovation, I really am just against mediocrity which is what many so called young 'creatives' are churning out these days. This post was really all over the place. That's because it was not properly thought of. I am  also probably missing many other things I would have liked to mention. I am going to leave it here for now though and hope to God nobody reads this and goes, 'hey she's just a hater' or "Why so angry?" I am not angry and I am actually having quite a good afternoon. LOL.


*I was going to use a worse word but I changed it. lol. Also, that is not a grammatical error. I derived it from the popular "You is smart. You is beautiful. You is Intelligent" saying in the movie, The Help.

*Also a slang. If you did not hear this gist and you're Nigerian, do you live under the rock? lol. Email me or something for  fuller explanation and meaning.

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