Trying New Things.

I want to start this post by saying how BUSY I have been, so busy that I do not have time to breathe. But that will be a lie. I really have been busy but not so much that I don't have time to breathe. Also, I am blessed with a great deal of time management skills. I try to plan each waking hour, note the word, TRY. If I decide to leave home by 7:45, not a minute after that will pass without me stepping out. Maybe something else, like breakfast will suffer but I must leave home that minute. So point being I may be busy but I still have time to live.

You know how they say time/life is fleeting and we all should make the best use of it...I don't know if that's a saying. I am just trying hard to link that with trying new things out. I don't try new things. I am the type of person who when she discovers her favorite in a restaurant refuses to order anything else forever and ever. Think grilled salmon and fries in Red Lobster. Or flat bread barbecue sandwich in Panera Bread. Whenever I step into those places, that's what I order. Let's not talk about the things I never even bother to try out but yet I can't stand them. So I thought 'why not put yourself to another challenge' like I did with the anger thing.
The challenge here is to try something new each day or week; eat something different, do something different, try something different, perhaps even use a different lip gloss.

I am receiving suggestions too. But remember please that I love life very much and I plan by God's grace to live long, that's considering God does not decide to end it soon. Anyway, I am not about killing myself in the name of something different. I am not even about hurting myself or my wallet because of fun. Also, I WILL NOT EAT SUSHI. 

Unlike my anger challenge, I doubt I'll report back on the progress of this. Heck, I do not even know that I'll do anything about what I just wrote above. But I'll try. This is the first step in what is probably a lifelong journey. We should always try out new, exciting things, shouldn't we?
P.S; The afternoon after I originally typed this post, I walked from one state to another. Don't ask me how please. Lol. Yayyy for new things!!!


  1. As I started to read your this piece, it occurred to me to suggest that you tried Sushi...only to read later down where you pointedly stated "I WILL NOT EAT SUSHI"
    As for "anger"...and since I am your father from whom you got 99.9% of your DNA/genes...I believe it's not really that you have an anger issue. It's just that you don't suffer fools gladly. Certain individuals, for reasons of stupidity etc, easily get on your nerves to irritate you...

  2. Hahahaha at Sushi! Well, I didn't actually say I had an anger issue per se. lol. I just felt the need to calm down in many situations and not let petty things get on my nerves, like you said.

    Thanks for always stopping by :-)