#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo Mommy will eventually be your bestfriend! You will tell her everything and want to speak with her everyday.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo you're not that smart. You'll fail at many things but you also will suceed at many things. Take the good with the bad.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo for some reasons, Mommy and Daddy are always right, listen to them. They know better anyway.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo yes yes, you have some not so good friends but you'll eventually have the best girls and be stuck with them. Better to have few good ones than a million terrible friends.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo everything will be okay. It will pass.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo so what if people gossip about you? Haha piece of cake compared to real life problems.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo Maths is not hard, you're just lazy.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo you will not become a Lawyer.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo you'll come to love God more than you can imagine. Hehe.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo when you eventually finish school, don't do NYSC. You'll regret doing the crap and wasting your time. Just move on with your life.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo it's okay to be good. Do not ever feel bad for making good choices.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo the less you know about the future, the more interesting it will be. Stop with the curiosity and just live.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo you'll go from being very lackadaisical and nonchalant to being very anxious and being a worrier. It's still too hard to say which is better. Perhaps moderation?

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo you really are beautiful, girl! Embrace it! You are divinely made and crafted, don't feel sorry for that. Embrace it.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo you should stop trying to bring yourself down to other people's levels just to make them feel better about themselves. If you know stuff, speak out. Don't ask someone about  something you already know just to help the person's ego.

#TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo live your life to the fullest but of course within the confines of God's words. Take each day as it comes. You're a superstar girl, shine!

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