Sunday Funday: OOTD.

The thing about having a blog is that you are able to feed your inner narcissism. #Ohwell. On this cold, dreary Sunday night, tired of studying, I remember some old pictures in my inbox from my sister. What do I do with all these pictures? Oh yes, put them on your blog. They are from thanksgiving weekend. So, technically they aren't OOTD right? I am not as fashion savvy as style bloggers, so manage me. By the way, who says style bloggers are fashion savvy? They really just think they are. Okay, let's get to these pictures already. Shall we?
I really do love my pose here.

I have no idea what the quote means. LOL. My sister got it from an app.

I was trying to give the 'blogger swag pose.' #Fail

Okay, that's all folks. I need to get back to work. There are many more pictures from that day. I just chose to upload these three. Oh snap, I am supposed to give deets on the pictures. 
The outfits are from JCrew-the top and pants
The pair of shoes from Shoedazzle.
The neck gaiter--Forever 21
The jacket-- Rainbow

Photo Credit: my one and only soeur, photographer extraordinaire.

That reminds me, I have dropped out of my French class, I should get back. The classes are held by me anyway LOL. Yes, I am teaching myself. Those green bills aren't easy to come by. You gotta improvise. Okay, time to sign out.


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