Friday Reflections.

1.) I was featured on Bellanaija, yay!

2.) Speaking of Bellanaija, I should reiterate that my last post is in no way against Charlie Hebdo. See, we are all on the same side; against terrorism.

3.) Something weird happened to me last night: I had always hummed a tune, and never knew who sang it or what song it was. I searched and searched, nothing.

4.) Yesterday, while watching an old episode of Grey's Anatomy, I heard it!! Then off to Google to search for details of that episode, and bam. Then some tears started to roll down my face at the realization that I really just figured out what song it was. Then I sent my sister a hysterical voicenote. Errr

5.) I think just finding an answer to a question I had for so long caused all the emotion. Eureka!

6.) Eureka!

7.) Shonda Rhimes is really the queen of TV. No dispute.

8.) You know you are really queen, when your biggest competitors sent you a gift that said, "Over here at Empire, we bow down to the Queen of Television."

9.) Empire is a new hit show on Fox, which I am finding really interesting already, at just the second episode.

10.) I am afraid I may not like how Blacks are portrayed on that show though. I am sure many others share my sentiments.

11.) Oh the song I was talking about is Afternoon by Youth Lagoon. Who is/are Youth Lagoon?

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