Humans of The World: The Vidal and Ms. Lopez's Story

Let me tell you a story. There is an account on Instagram, the owner of the account interviews random people on the streets of New York after taking a picture of them. He then posts their picture with a part of their story. See, I don't know how he does what he does, but Brandon (the photographer) also evokes an emotion in them; so much that they tell tear-jerking, intricately deep things about themselves. I tell you, it could be one line, but this one line would get you in deep thought for the rest of your life. I don't know where to begin to describe HumansofNY.  I wanted to munch some of the pictures to put here, but why give you some tidbits when you can head over to the Instagram or the Facebook page to see things for yourself? Besides, I am watching a new episode of Grey's Anatomy live, and I am missing so much action haha. #TGIT people. However, when I saw the latest development with the story I am blogging about, I just couldn't hold back. I posted on Facebook and decided to post here too. Just because, we all need stories like this to remind us of the good in this world.
When we first met Vidal.

Then we met Ms. Lopez...
Things started to get pretty serious.

Well, they started a campaign to institute an annual class trip to Harvard for students at Ms. Lopez's school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy. In a few hours, they raised $185,000.
Another student of the school.

Aww someone randomly sent Ms. Lopez flowers--or some people

He made the Daily news!

Yay Nigeria!
And then he made it to Ellen...
They shot a segment with Robin Robert 
So I will end this LONG post with my Facebook status tonight...

"I have been following this story from the first moment HumansofNY interviewed Vidal. Heck, haven't we all? The famous Vidal. But to see him here, to see him with Obama, I have never been so inspired my entire life. What? Like woahh! I am just so speechless. But then again, this just preaches hard-work and commitment and selflessness. Ms. Lopez has been a hero to all those children without ever expecting anything back.

I guess I am even more inspired because I never had a Ms. Lopez in my life; I never had a teacher so invested in me the way she is with ALL her students. However, people like Vidal need the Ms. Lopez(s) of this world more than people like me. So yeah, HumansofNY is literally changing the world yo! One picture at a time..."

Love, and some inspiration,

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