03/07: Plus One

Fun fact: I was actually born on Saturday. It's a Saturday today too haha. It is my birthday today. I remember when I thought of early twenties as something so far off. Now, I am almost done with this early twenties business. But I am not one to whine about getting older. It's fun! Many people around me think I am still a small girl though, because they are all older than me.

Anyway, I had a pretty good day; sleeping, relaxing, Skyping/Face-timing loved ones, and just in deep reflection. Some might consider it a bit of a boring day, and I did at first too, but then preferred it just that way. Sometimes, solitude is bliss. Towards the end of the day, I got cakes and chocolates, my joy became complete. LOL. Sugar can do that to anyone.

The best comparison would be to remember this exact day/period last year (Thank you E for reminding me). E also suggested I start Vlogs haha. She really made me laugh today with all her brands of prayers. Anyway, I am in a much better place than I was last year. I am far better than I was, and God has been oh so faithful. I sat for a second today, and thought I really am happy. That's a blessing. I know it can only get better.

Therefore, I am thankful to the almighty God.  I am thankful to my family for showing me time and time again what it means to be so deeply loved. I am thankful to everyone that remembered my birthday, and took it upon themselves to message or call me. Some others went further and said words of prayers. You all are far too kind. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



P.S: After typing this post, it occurred to me I actually know about four people whose names start from E. This E knows herself <3

P.P.S: Miss M, like I said, I am finding a place in my large heart to forgive you for not letting us be on the beach, in the sun this weekend as we planned. You will make this up to me in many ways you can't imagine haha.


  1. You will always be my little girl...because I am your father...lol. Good self-eulogy.

  2. Yes pls, start vlogs!!! Happy birthday once again 😊

    1. Thanks, love. I will think DEEPLY about the vlogs.

  3. Love you longtime boo!
    - The real E