Friday Reflections

1.) I decided to set a schedule with blogging; three days every week.

2.) Two minutes after making that decision, I almost forgot. It's hard.

3.) There was an interview granted by Chimamanda Adichie earlier this week; very interesting, just to say the least.

4.) Forgiveness is quite difficult.

5.) You sometimes convince yourself that you've forgiven someone, and try to carry on with business as usual. You know deep down though that you are still angry (or just irritated) with that person.

6.) There's this thing in everyone that just yearns for more, no matter how much you already have.

7.) Spring break is kinda over.

8.) I find people who try so hard to give off a 'perfection' vibe extremely pretentious. I find many people extremely pretentious; one trait that disgusts me.

9.) Reading Adichie's interview reminded me how to be a better writer.

10.) You know how you really love a blogger for their originality, and then all of a sudden there's this sudden knack for rebranding and all the shenanigans? Yeah, I don't visit many blogs anymore. Read number 8.

11.) That said, it is definitely fine to want to make the dough or to in fact, rebrand. One of my favorite blogs La Bella Imperfezione rebranded her blog, and the new website is oh so refreshing. I sometimes open the website just to bask in the simplicity and creativity.

12.) I have a bad habit I need to stop really fast: when I read about a great person, and discover they didn't have any children (biological or not), I feel like it was a wasted life.

13.) I know number 12 is probably the most stupid thing you ever read. It's just I believe that one of the best ways to leave a legacy is to pass it on to your children. Or at least find a prodigy.

14.) I understand that we should strive to be irreplaceable, but look at Joan Rivers and how it is next to impossible to find someone to replace her on Fashion Police.

12.) That's all for now folks.

Enjoy your weekend.



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