People Watching: Pink Blondie

I was walking down a pathway last week—one of those days with the perfect spring weather—when I noticed this family of three in front of me. I quickly came back to reality from my deep thoughts, as I was sure there was going to be something rather interesting about them. A father, with two young children I presumed were his; the girl about six or seven, sashaying in her all-pink outfits. It’s almost an annoying loud shade of pink, but I would call it ‘cute’, because you have to be nice to children. She seemed like a connoisseur of fashion and style. Her brother, although just about ten or eleven was much better in appearance, and seemed like a nicer version, or at least sounded like one.

“I feel so embarrassed.” She said, with her pesky, little voice.

“I can’t believe she saw me like this.” She continued, stroking her blonde hair in downward motions.

Trying to sound as disinterested as possible, I listened intently to find out the cause of her current predicament.

“C’mon, why would you?” The brother. He sounded like a voice of reason.

“Look at me!” Blondie screamed back hysterically, while bringing attention to her outfit.

I took a more careful look at the outfit. She had on a pair of pink tights; with a pink jacket on top of what I’m sure was a pink top. She complemented the entire ensemble with a pair of pink sneakers, and carried a pink  backpack I thought was too heavy for her tiny body.  Besides the obvious attempt to display an extreme love for the color pink, I personally thought she looked okay.

“You don’t look bad at all. So what if she saw you?” Her brother agreed with me.

“Hmph” She definitely was not convinced.

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