Tiny Genuises

Thanks to my sister, I discovered Nola Gould of Modern Family was listed as one of the fifty smartest teenagers. I found it really ironic since he plays the role of a very dumb, albeit troublesome young lad on Modern Family. To cut a long story short, I went on Google to research these teenagers. Lo and behold, I became depressed. You can't read that list and not think about your life. I mean, what are you doing with your life when children--yes, children--are finding cures to cancer, building cars, graduating from MIT at freaking 16! UGHH

I know, I know, everybody can't have an IQ equal to Einstein's or be so PERFECT at such a young age. It still brings the question of what exactly you're doing with your life though. I remember tweeting once: "Some people know exactly what they want out of this life. I envy such people." I am reiterating that again. I did notice something though, most of these geniuses tend to be in the STEM fields. I feel slighted because I believe it should be spread out across all fields. Some people just do ot have as much interest in the STEM fields as in other fields like social science and humanities. Like one of the geniuses said, it is hard to measure creativity and imagination. Anyway, I'm off to work hard at what I know how to do. Peace and love. And oh, if you're interested in wallowing in some self-pity, and you maybe want to see twelve year olds with Doctoral degrees, feel free to check it out on this link http://www.thebestschools.org/features/worlds-50-smartest-teenagers/

Love, and some excellence,

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