Friday Reflections: Marriage

1.) Everybody is getting married. That's no longer a thing we say just to joke. Everybody is literally getting married or engaged by the second.

2.) Is it our age? The presence of social media? Or are more people actually getting married now than ever?

3.) Oh well. Congrats to everyone.

4.) If you're feeling really down, or extremely depressed; so much that you can't handle, you should talk to someone. No one should have to go through anything terrible on their own.

5.) Why is it that when we fail, it lingers on a lot, and we don't seem to forget? When we succeed however, we forget so easily, and move on exceedingly fast onto the next thing.

6.) Sometimes, when people are going through a rough patch, they use it as an opportunity/excuse to treat others anyhow.

7.) Newsflash; everyone is going through one thing or the other. The way we handle it just differs.

8.) One problem these people who get married two minutes after meeting each other go through is that they never really know each other. For instance in those two minutes, how can I tell how you handle problems, or your composure in the face of challenges?

9.) If a guy proposes to a woman who he has never ever discussed marriage/the future with, his brain needs to be checked.

10.) So much marriage talk.

11.) Statistics kicked my ass today. I can't even begin to explain.

12.) I've had such a stressful week (emotionally, physically, and mentally) I'm thankful for this blog, where I can come to just sort of relax.

13.) I would look forward to the weekend, but I already have too many things piled up. Oh well.

14.) Thankful for all the opportunities to be busy.

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