Friday Reflections

1.) Nigeria's elections are over.

2.) On one hand, I'll miss ALL the banter about the election. On the other hand, the process revealed too many unintelligent people, and I'm just glad we are over all that.

3.) It made me wonder, can I marry someone with completely different ideologies than mine?

4.)  Speaking of marriage, I gave my Mom a hint of what I think the next five years of my life may look like. She immediately expressed concerns about where and why marriage isn't tucked somewhere in those plans.

5.) Life is funny. Or rather, parents are funny.

6.) I believe I have a sense of humor to some extent, but I can't ever understand why some people deem it fit to crack lame jokes in very serious situations.

7.) There should be limits to sarcasm and jokes; why would I tell you I was stranded for eight hours on the highway, and you'll still have the effrontery to make a silly joke out of it?

8.) Yeah miss me with that. Call me uptight or whatever. I laugh a LOT, but I know where to draw the line.

9.)  I have been so disciplined with blogging these past few weeks. I don't think it'll be possible for the next few's going to be very busy for me.

10.) It's Easter...Happy Easter!!

11.)Time and time again, I am thankful Christ found me worthy enough to die for my sins. I am very underserving, but I know (without a doubt) that if he had to do it again, he would. Thank you, Jesus.

12.) My sister, tired of me having just 4 songs on my phone, picked up my phone and sent me some songs. She sent me the exact songs I would want to listen to. How can someone know me so well?

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