Friday Reflections

1.) Noble Igwe and Olamide Adedeji are "competing" for the Bestman position at Ebuka's wedding. I thought it was very cute and funny when I read about it. Haha. That's so much love.

2.) Loretta Lynch has finally been confirmed as the Attorney General of the federation. Yay! The first black female Attorney General ever.

3.) Something happened yesterday. Grey's Anatomy lost another major character. I was in real shock. I still can NOT believe it. Rest in peace, McDreamy...and #MerDer. It was a sad night on T.V. Enough said.

4.) "America is so accepting of everything, but America will still have security follow a black man at Neiman Marcus while he's shopping, for fear that he might steal"- Wendy Williams. There's a reason I love that woman.

5.) Bruce Jenner's 17 year old high school dropout daughter is gallivanting around the world with a twenty-five-year old, and getting the most ridiculous cosmetic surgeries but he'd rather have a two-hour sit down to discuss his transition process from a man to a woman (which, frankly is none of our business) but erm okay. Welcome to the 21st century, I guess?

6.) You wake up one morning and your 65 years old Daddy wants to become Mommy.

7.) The weather is confused Lol.

8.) It's easy to get our priorities all mixed up

9.) Let me get back to my life


  1. 'You wake up one morning and your 65 years old Daddy wants to become Mommy'
    #Epic. . .I'm stealing that.

    1. Haha. Thank you. Yeah, you can steal it, as far as you're kind enough to cite where/who you stole it from :-) Thank you, for reading.