On Caitlyn and The Media

Caitlyn Jenner...the buzz of town. The phenomenon on everyone's lips. The mystery that some people have had a hard time understanding. The new normal. I wish they wouldn't shove it down everyone's throats in that manner though. You know, the manner where she struts her endowments on the front pages of magazines covers. The part where again, womanhood is reduced to breasts and nudity. I don't think I like that part. Yet, I also believe a lot in choice. More so, even our heavenly father endowed men and women with the gift of choice. If it's her choice, it's none of our business.

Yet it's far more than that, especially for non-celebrities transitioning from one gender to the other. I remember the first interview and sit-down she granted with Diane Sawyer. It was around the same time Kylie Jenner was making headlines for dating a twenty five year old rapper (or whatever the hell that one does) with a child. I felt like beyond all this fanfare, there was still so much to deal with, especially with her family. I still believe that no matter how liberal her children might be, the thought of their 65 year old Dad becoming a woman is not something they just wave off with a shrug. So instead of making it a media frenzy, how about dealing with this EXTREMELY personal thing privately. Many people argue that this way, Caitlyn is shinning light on the important issues of transgender. I have read and heard that black transgender women have been victims of despicable violence, and usually have limited access to healthcare, housing and other essential things. While it's vile for anybody to treat a fellow human being with violence and hatred, I still do not think Caitlyn Jenner's recent media buzz solves that problem. I think that it has been so superficial and everyone is caught up in what she now looks like, and how she is hotter than Kris Kardashian. A comparison, which by the way is baseless and just so stupid.

I empathize with transgender folks and all the unfortunate challenges they have to go through. I empathize with Caitlyn and all the internal struggle she IS dealing with. (I have read that it never really goes away, sadly). I still believe however that this has been too much of a media circus. Already many people see the Kardashians as a bunch of attention-seeking women. It burns me to see people blame those women (whom I am not particularly a fan of) for everything Bruce went through. Again, let me reiterate these people are having it hard already, seeing their Dad/Ex-Husband become a woman must have some psychological effect on them, I think.

Laverne Cox is one of the most outspoken advocates of trans people, but even she is particularly very hesitant to discuss her own personal journey. As far as she's concerned that's not what matters, what matters is ensuring they are treated as equal members of the society. Or at least that's what she said in an interview I watched. I couldn't agree more. A member of the LGBT (and a democrat) community made a statement, after the Washington Post accused Republicans and Social Conservative leaders of not speaking publicly to encourage Caitlyn. She said while she's incredibly happy for Caitlyn, she doesn't care to hear political leaders talk about it, because there are more important things like ISIS, domestic terrorism, unemployment etc. These issues, she said, are far more important to her.

Also, I strongly believe that people should not be silenced for having dissenting opinions from the popular opinion. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to discourage hatred and discrimination of all sorts. People are notorious for shutting down others because their opinions differ. I encourage everyone to stand in their own truths, even if that truth is regularly vilified. It's called convictions. Let's learn to educate one another with LOVE, not hurling insults upon each other with vile and hatred because opinions differ.

Sidebar:  Everyday, when women get mastectomies and hysterectomies in the struggle for survival, we tell them assuredly, "Your breasts and those other things don't define you as a woman." Have we been lying? I'm curious, what really defines one as a woman? What defines gender? What does it take to be a woman? Answers are more than welcome.

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