Peace...That Surpasses All Understanding

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

There are times when everything just seems to be going wrong. No, not big, disastrous happenings, with dire consequences. I am talking of little things. Ugh. It's the little things. Like when you have just five minutes left to sculpt the perfect brows, so as to be on fleek. All of a sudden your brows knows how limited you are regarding time, and decides to punish you for snoozing your alarm for an extra five minutes. Your brows be like "Nope. I ain't werking." At this point the brows look like a case of a terribly baked cake; somewhere in between stale bread and hard cookies. Anything but cake. Ok, so you apply concealers, which YouTube-ers always seem to do flawlessly. Except your face becomes a mix of patches of white powdery/creamery stuff and normal skin. At this point, you have just two minutes left. You either wash your entire wash and go bare, or make more futile attempts at getting your brows right. You go with the former. You know what they say about the correlation between feeling good AND being productive. Yeah.
The kind of brows you're trying to get, but failing woefully at getting.

Yeah little things like that. Or like your car developing numerous faults. Oh, then there's the case of  numerous failed attempts at writing a draft of a paper due in a few days. Of course you knew the paper was due, but you and procrastination signed a lifelong contract to stick by each other. So you wait. Till you have few days, or few hours, and you try so hard to pen down something, but NOPE. Nothing. You message your siblings or friends (if you still have any) to lament. You tell them how important it is to get that paper done, because your life depends on it. But they don't understand, so they tell you sorry and leave it at that. You turn on to Instagram and Twitter. Everything, but write that paper.
You and your blank screen.

Or more little things (or perhaps HUGE) like homelessness. I mean, your lease is gonna end soon. Like really soon, and after actually taking apartment hunting seriously, you find nothing. You get slightly irritated that you have to be an adult. Because when you were not an adult, shelter was none of your business. What is Daddy and Mommy there for? You finally think you have found the perfect apartment, but it is a fail again. At which point, your car repairer calls you to come pick up your car, and no they still have not fixed it. You stand under the scorching sun, waiting for a bus that will not come, and wonder why life is such a pot of beans. Meanwhile, your parents won't stop asking you if you have got an apartment yet, and why you are not intensifying your search. Of course they can't see that you have about 20 tabs open on your computer, about 65% of which are websites for apartment search. I mean, they are also worried, because how can their child be homeless in a different state. You at least thank God someone cares about you.

Yeah little things like that. Little things that take over your mind so much, you forget about the real problems. I experienced some of those and even more this past week. However, I wasn't as worried as I would have been. I remember thinking "what is going on with me?!" But then, the bible passage above kept coming to mind. I was (and still am) experiencing peace that surpasses understanding. Even I could not understand how I could be so calm in the face of such tempestuous events. When that passage wouldn't leave my mind, I had to go back to the bible to figure out the origin of the sentence. In the earlier verses of Philippians 4, Paul had written to them to not be anxious about ANYTHING, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving to present their requests to God. THEN (or AND in some other versions) will you experience the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding. Fin. Are you anxious about anything? Tell it to God, thank him, and watch him do wonders. Maybe all the solutions wouldn't come at once, but at least you can continue with your life filled with peace...the kind that surpasses understanding.



  1. Lool @ your eye brows and concealer.
    Mehn, make up skills are seriously lacking.

    But that's a great attitude and mindset to have, i.e. not worrying, but praying.

    By the way, why don't you really publicise your blog? I've always wondered.

    1. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by. I know right re make up skills. Some days, my make up game is actually tight, and I'm on a roll. Other days, it's just a chore that I'd rather do without.

      I actually publicize my blog sometimes (I think). Short of sharing on FB and Twitter, any other way to publicize? Haha. I will admit though, there are many posts I didn't share on my social media, either because I was taking a break from said social media at the time, or I was just being lazy. But yeah, I am counting on the support of "fans" like you LMAO.

      Thanks, for stopping by. And don't forget to share ;-)