Bill Cosby Aka Dr. Huxtable And His Shenanigans.

What a whirlwind this past weekend has been? But that's not why I am here. I think I saw the most disgusting thing on internet yesterday; an article uncovering an entire deposition, where Cosby said "drugs and fame helped him seduce women". First, let's clear one thing; once drug is included in the equation, it is rape not seduction. Apart from the blatant disgust with which the predator described his escapades, it was a pain to read, just how awful the entire situation is. Further, this was a second part of the revelation of a decade old deposition. Long before this deposition however, over forty women had stated that Cosby had sexually assaulted/harassed and every other politically correct way to describe rape. Yet, many doubted these women. Not util this deposition saw the light of day, did people entertain the possibility that their almighty Cosby aka Dr. Huxtable could be guilty. They all attributed it to attention-seeking-fame-hungry women, and called it a mere calumny.

Not me though.

From about the second woman, I looked into his old frail face in one of those stupid shows he had earlier this year (where the audience heckled him), and knew (without a DOUBT) he was guilty of everything he was being accused of. I am not even the best judge of character. I wish I was. However, I am not enthralled by this extreme patriarchy that has taken over our society. Or worse, I know not to mix a person's character on TV with who he really is. The fact is that the Dr. Huxtable person was all too perfect, it was Cosby's idea of completely concealing the monster he really was.

"But, Ife, yes the character was perfect...however, even Cosby himself stood as a moral compass for his community (black folks) and at every chance, he stood for the edification of young men." You might say.

No doubt.

He probably did all those things, and maybe even more. However, if someone shows you who they really are, honey, BELIEVE them the first time. I am not saying to not give people second chances. I am saying to become aware and totally conscious of what such a person is capable of. People will always let you and me down. Sometimes, you can think very highly of someone, and in fact have a deep veneration for said person. It does not exclude that person from doing something extremely stupid. #FACT. And when that happens, what you should do is mentally remove that person from a list of people who deserve honor. You don't even have to act like it, you don't have to do anything. All you have to do is exercise caution, and remind yourself NO ONE is infallible. If anyone thinks he/she is, then he/she is the biggest fool ever.

I sincerely hope this Bill Cosby thing brings attention to many others like him. And honestly, I don't feel sorry that his legacy has been destroyed.  It's high time. There are some things you just can't get away with. Oh, and as for his wife. Some of you take this loyalty thing to another level. Don't get me wrong, I don't joke with loyalty. I am fiercely loyal. But bruh, I would not put up with being married to a rapist in the name of loyalty...nah uh. Truth be told, no one can tell the extent to which she knew what was going on. So, no one should actually fault her. Oh, and his children :-( I feel so sorry for them, you know. But they will be fine, as long as they remember that their father being a monster does not mean they are. Hopefully, when others talk about this nonsense too, they will be wise enough to know that this ignominious act is all on the man himself, not his family.

To our society at large that keeps doubting countless women who have been raped, which way though? Which way?



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