Here Comes The Sun

I was recently at bible study when we were asked to state our "summer song". Huh? I thought. I barely listen to songs, that's the one thing everyone knows about me. Once in a while, I find a song I like, over play it, and then forget about it. I don't like being put on the spot, so when I thought hard and long for about thirty seconds, "Here Comes The Sun" came out of my mouth. When many of us asked what she meant by summer song, she said, any song, actually. A song that reminds you of summer, perhaps. It could be something you have been listening to for a while, or something that just makes you happy, or something that makes you dance as soon as you hear it. The one song that fit those descriptions was Dammy Krane's Amin or Olamide's Bobo. Those songs make me grooveeee.

But I was not ready to start explaining to a group of really nice American girls who those guys were or what in God's earth is Bobo (even I don't know what this means) and Amin. Lol. The next thing that came to mind was Here Comes the Sun. At the point, it did not occur to me how apt that song was Lol. But when I said it, everyone was like "Oh that was a goooooood one" So when I was alone, I listened again and yup!

Shonda Rhimes does not fail. No she did not write the song, George Harrison of The Beatles did. However, some of the best songs, and the greatest classics I know, I heard from a Shonda Rhime's show. The soundtracks are the absolute best. No show does it like Shondaland, to be honest. This song was the soundtrack played during the very last scene of the last season of Scandal, when madam Olivia and adulterer Fitz, reunited. I don't care much about those characters though, just the song. A brief history of the song and how it came about explains why it's all the more significant for me this summer. So I say to you, yaaa it's been a lonely winter little darling, but here comes the sun,  and I say it's alright ;-)

Please take that metaphorically, and perhaps literally too--although I can't wait for fall, this sun is gangster these days. meh


I am off social media, sorry if I haven't responded to your message(s). That's not my style. Anyway, so I have been channeling all that energy into blogging, journaling, and just many other things for my own personal growth. I currently have about 7 posts in my drafts, woop woop. My next one is really nice because I wrote it over several days, like a diary. Hehe.

Enjoy your weekend!


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