1.) I know it's not Friday, but I have too many things on my mind.

2.)The problem with having too many things on my mind is that, I am never able to capture all of them into one or two blog posts; it will become a ramble.

3.) I need to practice discipline though, especially with this blog.

4.) I am sitting down and eating my Sunday Rice* alone, with a lot on my mind...a whole lot.

5.) I had hoped Sunday Rice would bring memories from childhood to help alleviate things. Nah uh. I'm eating it alone, so nope.

6.) I think I really am missing my sister, who spent six weeks being less than 5 miles away from me haha. She's now back to being over 100 miles away :-(

7.) Twitter is raving at the moment; of course it's about feminism and the hatred for it.

8.) Yaaa, my next post might be on feminism. See, for as long as Nigerians keep displaying their folly on Twitter about feminism and gender inequality, I will keep talking about it. Hopefully, some day, someone will learn.

9.) Anyhoo, a man that will not share house chores with me should please not marry me.

10.) My love language is "Act of Service" (I literally just came up with that lmao)**. So if I don't want to be grumpy for the rest of my life, I better be wise enough to marry someone who will help me, sometimes at least. Fin.

11.) I completed all six seasons of White Collar yesterday. Sigh. I get too attached to these shows. This was phenomenally good though.

12.) I also watched The Bodyguard movie for the first time ever yesterday. For so much hype, I think it was really basic.

13.) It felt good to just come here and pour all these out. I'm thankful I have a blog. Oh, I just had my fill of laughter from Emmy Collins. That dude is hella funny.

14.) Have a blessed week filled with love and laughter.




*In many Nigerian homes, the staple lunch on Sundays is white rice with stew (a tomato/pepper sauce, if you would). I don't think I'm wrong if I say it formed a huge and emotional part of majority of our childhoods, so much that it is now colloquially termed "Sunday Rice" among Nigerians.

**I had always wondered what my love language was, because I thought I was a mix of too many of the languages. However, upon seeing the discussion on Twitter this afternoon and the rage that engulfed within me because of some tweets, I just concluded my love language had to be "Act of Service". I love when people go above and beyond for me. And when I can, I try to reciprocate.

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