Friday Reflections

1.) I am sitting alone in my apartment and speaking to myself in a Liberian accent. No, I don't know any Liberian.

2.) Have you ever failed?

3.) Many people underestimate me. I think it can be a strength.

4.) I am so tired...exhausted.

5.) So thanks to La Bella Imperfezione, I found this wonderful PIECE ABOUT MARRIAGE.

6.) That piece is the truth. I often wonder, how are we expected to share our personal space with one person forever?! Ah.

7.) I caught up via Skype with my longtime/childhood friend, B this past week. It was great!

8.) Oh yeah, I wrote something on friendship. I have just been too lazy to edit and post.

9.) I actually found an old notebook while moving recently. I used to write a LOT in it when I had just finished college four years ago, and did not know what to do with my life. LOL.

10.) When I have the time, I will refine them and post them here. That way they will be online forever! You know, I could misplace the book. I can't misplace the internet though.

11.) Car troubles. Pfft.

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