Friday Reflections

1.) Does it happen that when you're really happy sometimes, you begin to wonder if there's an impending doom? No? Me neither.

2.) I started my day by going through HumansofNy's documentary of Pakistan. I started by fighting back tears, and ended bawling.

3.) I can never be grateful enough for technology. It expands your worldview and perception in no small ways. Oh my God! God is awesomely awesome, beyonds words can describe.

4.) I missed my friend E, so much.

5.) I looked forward to this week so much, and now it's technically over.

6.) My sister moves to on-campus housing for the first time tomorrow. I am not nervous, but I think she is. If she is, she's doing a marvelous job at masking it.

7.) I am actually very  happy at this moment, I am so thankful for that. I owe it to God and to being with family.

8.) The monster that shot those journalist on live TV; I am mad, excruciatingly mad that some people are trying to excuse him, because he had a "tough" life. What BS!

9.) May the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace, and may American leaders rise to the challenge and bring about the change (desperately needed) in gun controls.

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