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...the top of the potter's wheel. Hahaha. That's the beginning of one of my favorite bloggers, Inthe...'s bio. I wish she was more regular with blogging though, but alas, life has to happen. Her posts always hit the right spot, and they have been a blessing to me. I kid you not, every post is phenomenal. Okay, this is not an encomium for Inthe.., although she really is amazing.

I am about to really ramble, if you can't already tell. This post is a mash up of rants at several points in the past  few weeks (about three to four weeks). I think I'll make this a thing, where I am thinking something, put it in my draft, and put it all together as a post. They will be extremely random sha. Not every time planned and well orchestrated post, sometimes ramble and spontaneity.

I find many Nigerian parents hypocritical. Like a TON of them are in very unhappy marriages, yet they keep bugging young women to get married. I don't understand that logic at all. It's like going into a hole, seeing how dark it is and then from that hole be calling out to your kids to find another hole to enter. Makes sense? I am not saying all Nigerian marriages are awful, but a huge percentage stay put in dead and lifeless marriages. At least, oyinbo, they divorce. I am fiercely Christian (as you might have been able to tell from past blog posts) but I almost believe in divorce. I can't explain. Ok fine, I don't Lol. I used to though, then S told me to stop. She told me to remove the possibility from my mind, that if one saw it as an option, it would be hard to persevere. But do I want to persevere though? Or endure? I want to ENJOY marriage not endure. I also feel like the option of divorce does not put unnecessary pressure on you. Ya dig?

Anyhoo, divorce ain't good. Moving on. I was gossiping with my Mom recently about a family friend and how the woman did not want her child to marry from a particular tribe. I mean, I know it's a thing with Naija parents, but really kini big deal? That's how my Mom too was giving list. I was like CHILL, you Naija parents, are you the ones marrying the person or your child? I was arguing so much with my Mom, she must have thought I have an oyinbo boyfriend. Lmao. Meanwhile, I just LOVE to play devil's advocate sometimes. Of course I know I am more comfortable marrying a Nigerian, and would marry one. However, above all, I usually just advice people to marry a good person. Honestly.

Enough marriage talk. I am currently typing from a hotel room, where I am attending a conference and it's bliss. I am also suffering from a terrible allergic reaction and its CRAZY. Arghh, my legs itch like mad. I almost went crazy earlier today. But I will be alright by the power of Jesus's name. Amen. I used to be so cryptic, but along the line I started to loosen up. But I think I wanna go back to being cryptic. Too many people are taking me for granted. I want that to stop. My Mom says if I frown too much, I won't find husband (we're back to marriage talk lmao).

I always wonder if I'll ever stop blogging. I have now been blogging for two years.  Of course I'm not a Blogger, if you know what I mean. I do enjoy writing though, and my stats are okay: people read. However, I wonder, to what end? Maybe one day I'll be in a bad mood and just stop. No need for story.

Sandra Bland. Sigh. These people might frustrate you to give up your quest for social justice. I was so sad when I heard the news. There are despicable people out there. UGH. However, I am uncomfortable with people insisting she could not have taken her life because they knew her. Mental health is beyond the understanding of many people. Instead of seeking to understand, they just make ignorant comments. The fact that she was all smiles and giddy, or the fact that she had a new job does not mean she was NOT depressed or going through something worse. Haven't we all at one point put up a face and act all giddy when inside is dark and twisty?  I have. Plenty times. I have legit cried on an escalator, stepped off and flashed my brightest smile. So while I empathize with her family, I can't say without a doubt that she did not actually kill herself. Unfortunately.

At one point or the other in our lives, we most likely would go through an insurmountable problem, which we think we can never come out of.  Sometimes, hard as this problem may be, others may perceive it as inconsequential and wonder why you're complaining so much. Truth is, only you knows where the shoe pinches. Personally, it sometimes is the tiniest things that bother me the most. But I have learnt and I am still learning to trust God. A lot of times, we completely forget how sovereign and powerful God is. We completely go through the storm alone, when we could have turned to God to calm the storm for you. I don't know what you're going through, but have you at least taken a second to talk to God about it? I am striving to make it a habit of turning to God as soon as a problem hits me instead of what we typically do--turn to God AFTER we have found no other way out of the hellhole. God shouldn't be the last option you turn to when you have run out of options. In fact, he's the only option there is.

I want to challenge you to seek God genuinely everyday of our lives. It's hard to see the manifestation of his work though if we can't trust him enough. Some people are like me; they KNOW as a matter of fact that God is capable of whatever (just bring it on), but they just don't think he'd do it for them. The best way to conquer this is to think of the times he has come through for you in the past. Yes, the reality of things states that everything is bleak. I hear you. However, there are several examples in the bible of how God defied the 'natural norm' to establish his glory. As far as I know he's still the same God. Therefore, before you table the matter on social media, or with friends, or family, how about to table it to the most sovereign God?

"Just because something doesn't work in your life doesn't mean you're under a satanic attack"- TD Jakes

Ok enough yarns.

P.S: when I use colloquial terms that  some might not understand (most of my readers are in the U.S of A) I try to translate it below, but I am really lazy tonight. Please bear with me.

P.P.S: if you read to the end, you're the real MVP. Sending some kisses your way.

P.P.P.S: I typed as I was thinking (on different days), so I did not mean for it to look this disjointed; that was sort of the idea though.

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