Happy Thanksgiving + A Little Chit Chat

I have been seeing many people in Nigeria and everywhere else celebrating Thanksgiving. I have also seen others complain about such people copying traditions from the West. I am not too bogged down (and you shouldn't be too) about people copying an attitude of gratitude. It's Thanksgiving after all. Who does not have a reason to be thankful? So yeah, I get that. However, I really wish that instead of Nigerians copying EVERYTHING, why not cherish and celebrate our own traditions? Such that the whole world knows and recognizes us for these customs and traditions. It wouldn't be so hurtful if Nigeria was not actually a country RICH with beautiful culture and tradition. It is so vast and diverse, you would wonder why Nigerians abandon all of their uniqueness only to copy some other nations'. Speaking of copying, can we also try not copy the bad with the good? Thanks. I am not surprised though. This is a country where people take immense pride in being unable to speak their local languages. Such a confusing phenomenon. We take all the pain to learn  foreign languages like French, Spanish, German, maybe even Chinese (and boy are these languages tough), but we selectively OPT to not understand local languages spoken around us 24/7. I understand that Yoruba, Igbo and co may not give you an edge on the job market, but for the most part, learning these languages is actually painless for the folks in Nigeria.

Take me for example. I grew up speaking English to my parents and siblings (I still speak English to them). I went to a school where our Principals reinforced the importance of Queens English. Pffttt, vernacular was frowned upon anyway. Somehow though, without EVER consciously learning, I can communicate EFFECTIVELY in my local dialect, Yoruba. While I did not speak much of it as a child, I heard it in church; I heard my parents speak it to each other; I heard my aunties and uncles speak it; I heard the local pepper grinder speak it; I heard my mother negotiate in it with the local butcher; and so on and so forth. It was therefore painless and easy. French, on the other hand. Goodness gracious. I have been at it (on and off) for over a year now. Maybe I'll say my name and ask some flimsy question, like where the restaurant is. For the most part, it's been tough. It is therefore really surprising that people in Nigeria would rather the difficult languages than the easy ones. Enough patriotism for the day.

What am I thankful for?

It's an incredibly long list. I am thankful for salvation. That despite my shortcomings, God found it worthy to bestow upon me his AMAZING grace. Can you imagine if it was about us and our handiwork? I saw a picture TD Jakes posted with Don Lemon. Apparently, Don Lemon had gone to his church. Now we all know Don Lemon is gay. Can you believe that people, "Christians" were angry with TD Jakes for letting a "sinner" like Don Lemon into his church. People were like "oh he's gay. How could you Bishop? You even took a PICTURE with him? What is a gay man doing in church?" AHHH. Who the heck do you think you are to say who can or cannot go before God? HA! Who are we Christians and what monsters are we becoming? You really think you are worth it all, huh? That you are the big deal? Ok oooh.

I am also thankful for family. You knew this was coming though. Haha. God has colored my life with the most amazing people, and I can't believe how blessed I am to call them family. I think that my social media accounts must be irritating to people on birthdays of my loved ones, because I don't hesitate to scream their amazing-ness from the rooftops. Haha. So forgive me for being "extra", I just feel an immense sense of gratitude always to know that although life may suck sometimes, I have got the best people to go through life with.

I am thankful for all my friends, tehehe. I love them to pieces. Maybe I don't show it enough to them, but I am glad to have them in my life and to be in theirs.

I am thankful for my life and the entire journey so far, and what is to come. I am thankful for social media, for good people, for brownies, red velvet, and for Haagen Dazs. I am thankful for....look the list is endless. Today might be about gratitude, but it also is about eating and celebrating, which is exactly what I am off to do!

Now, life may not be perfect for you (to tell you the truth, it's perfect for no one) or this thanksgiving is just a reminder of everything that sucks. I'm sorry about that, but I also know only a few things gladden the heart more than counting your blessings.

Have a peaceful, safe, and blessed thanksgiving!



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