Friday Reflections

1.)  Done.

2.) Can I just say how absolutely amazing Being Mary Jane has been this season? Good stuff.

3.) M said I'm acting Like Cristina Yang. Now, Yang is my favorite character ever, but I don't EVER want to be compared with her. In a sense, it's a compliment (to me) but M meant it in relation to caring about career more than anything else. Er no.

4.) I certainly care about my career (means a lot to me), but I also want kids, husband, and those things.

5.) I like Marissa Mayer a lot, but she really turns me off these days. I have heard that her leadership style is questionable. Putting that aside, this thing where she takes two minutes off after giving birth and jumps right back to work rubs me off the wrong way.

6.) Jill Scott's Jahraymecofasola is a jam and a half!

7.) I'm in season 9 of Friends, and I can count on one hand the amount of Blacks that have appeared on all nine seasons. I mean it's a funny show, but not that much of a big deal it has been made out to be. Too predictable and quite a lot of lazy storytelling as far as I'm concerned.

8.) #StayMadAbby

9.) Dear Justice Scalia, excellence has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

P.S: This was already written by Friday but I just forgot to post it.

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