Merry Christmas

In my last post, I briefly described God's perfect love. Hopefully I'll get to elaborate in future posts just how magnificent and sometimes incomprehensible God's love for us is. I mean, we can't have such amazing love and be going around acting like nobodies, when our God is the king of heaven AND earth, right? Right.

Christmas is upon us. In the midst of merriment, and gift unwrapping, and all the gisting, and catching up with old friends, let's not forget the real reason we have a holiday: Christ's birth. A central message is love. Some other people have adopted cynicism, either as a defense mechanism, a way to deal, or just to seem unconventional. Look, Christmas IS a big deal. If Christ was not born, I wouldn't have salvation. So there is so much to celebrate. Yea, 'tis the season to be jolly! Be merry, laugh hard, eat, and forgive people who have hurt you. That is the point anyway. I hate to trivialize people's problems, but if unfortunately, there is a problem; I am sorry, but I also know it could be worse.

Anyway, the crux of this post is to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. May the joy, peace, and love of this season dwell permanently in your life. In the new year, may you always have a reason to smile, laugh, and be merry. May every waking day bring forth a new testimony.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and if you can, spread the love to people who need it the most in any way you can; those who can not afford to have an enjoyable Christmas.

Merry Christmas, people!




  1. Merry Christmas! Indeed we can reflect on what we can remain thankful for despite whatever might have happened during the year.