Friday Reflections

1.) No one person represents an entire group of persons; race, religion, culture, country, tribe, gender. No matter how similar we or our experiences may be, our perceptions differ because of our unique individuality.

2.) What will you do if your ex's Mom walks into your house to ask you to forgive her son?

3.) I think Bones might be the best show on earth hahaha---it's amazing.

4.) Some folks think they are determined, tenacious etc. No, they are just greedy—they want everything.

5.) Two to three freaking feet of snow. Major record-breaking, historic snow storm :-(

6.) Yeah, I should have spent time enjoying the weather in December, instead of worrying about global warming.

7.) "Biology is ridiculous and has refused to catch: 15 year old girls can have children very easily, but 40 year old women constantly struggle with fertility. I have never seen a 15 year old capable of being a good Mom"-- Whitney Cummings.

8.) Women actually expire, literally. Lol

9.) Why do people give their children ridiculous names?

10.) What if humans didn't have the technology and insight to predict terrible weathers such as snow storms? Such that we would be going about our normal lives, and all of a sudden a blizzard appears: it'd be a disaster.

11.) Even with all the technology, this snow storm is being called a "matter of life and death". Whew.

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