Why Do We Get Very Emotionally Attached To T.V Shows?

Perhaps I should change the title to speak for myself only. I have a strong feeling I am not alone in this though. You know the emotional stages of binge watching BuzzFeed described here, I am currently experiencing them now with the show Bones. I am at stage 16, and actually getting worried I'll soon complete the show. So why? There has to be a reason it's all you're thinking about, right? A reason why you're legitimately concerned about the characters. A reason why you're having playbacks of your favorite scenes in your head. A reason why you're trying to link certain instances to your real life. A reason why your mood has now become largely dependent on happenings in your show. A reason why you have actual sombre mornings after spending the night before binge-watching, and realizing it will all be over soon.

Don't worry you are not alone. I am not a psychologist, but I am certain it's no big deal and will pass soon. It mostly speaks to the brilliance of the writers. I watched ten seasons of the show Friends, and didn't even flinch when I was done. So kudos to writers who have the innate ability to suck their audience in. They have efficiently created a world in which you have somehow made yourself a part of. It means the characters are very relatable, and it may also mean that the show is your escape from real life. Therefore, you are completely consumed by it. In some ways, after watching about 5 episodes of a show at a go, they become a part of your life. Oh and don't forget; we watch a character developed over the course of ten years in one week or one month. That's intense even for hardcore people. So there it is.

Fear not however, for it will pass...after you find another good show. Also, take breaks from watching and do other things you like to do. Read. Write. Surf the internet. Have actual human discussions/interactions with friends and/or family. Meditate. Pray. Sleep. Then continue binge watching. If it helps, this show you're taking so personally is nothing but a job to the individuals playing the characters. Although, I remember Sandra Oh saying she needed therapy in order to let go of the character she played on Grey's Anatomy. But for the most part, it really is just a job for majority of them.


Everything I said earlier is bullocks and something is actually wrong with you that is causing you to be abnormally attached to a T.V show.

Anyway, Bones is really good. I can't believe I'll be done soon. It's really interesting how much I love it now considering my sister practically begged me to watch it haha. Knowing me, I will probably watch and re-watch and re-watch. So I am not too bothered. It is also still running, but I wouldn't want to be catching up every week and will just wait till an entire season is done. If you can't already tell, my addiction to Bones inspired this post. haha

Go on and continue to binge-watch.



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