A Lesson In Waiting

Something happened to me last week, and after mulling over it for a little while, I thought it was worthy of sharing. Story time. Oh before that, I have been weirdly consistent with posting on my blog. I want to say "check out my blog every Sunday for a new post" but I don't want to jinx it. Still, yay to living intentionally and to more discipline. Have you failed on any resolution? Are you checking on the goals you set for yourself? I mean, February is practically over and before we know it the first quarter is gone. So now will be a good time to assess whatever lists or plans for the year. Ok so, moving on to my story. I digressed.

The Apprentice

"Tade, I made some Yam with egg sauce. Will you like to take some with you?" Mrs. Phillips asks as she opens the door to her daughter's bedroom. Her voice wakes her daughter.

"Mom...no thanks." She adjusts her blanket, rolls to the other side of her bed to continue with her sleep. She senses her Mom's presence, and realizes she's still at the door. She looks up, "You know how much I hate eating from a food-flask. Besides, I love my eating my meals really hot. So, no again. But thanks, Mom." This time she covers her face with her red and brown blanket. She has an emotional attachment to this blanket. She has had it for ten years now and plans on keeping it for much longer.

"Ok then. You're going to have to sort yourself darling." Her mom replies softly.

It's still 6:45am. The cloudy skies tell just how cold the morning is. The air conditioner in Tade's room isn't exactly helping matters.

The Perfect Love 2.0

What better time to talk about love than today? Everyone is in the feels about Valentine's day, which is today of course. So let's talk about an even more superior love than the kind that sends you delicious chocolates and a bouquet of roses. The good thing is I talked briefly about this perfect love earlier. But like I said in that post, and will reiterate here: this perfect love is really incomprehensible, and worthy of reminder. Although it's sufficient, we tend to always forget about it and not receive it.

When it comes to God's love, it's not about you, it's about God. You know how when a bad break up is about to happen, a very awkward, yet familiar conversation ensues. The party responsible for the break up says something along the lines of:

Friday Reflections

1.) True love is when you have been whining consistently and absentmindedly about needing something to your sister, and she actually finds a way to get it  to you.

2.) Although it might seem like such a small thing my sister did, it was a grand gesture to me. If you're reading this sissy poo, you are DA best!

3.) One of the things I am most grateful to God for is that I have no diet restrictions. What a huge blessing!

4.) Why do hollywood women (perhaps women generally) do this thing where they date a man about 15 years younger who also has like five different kids by five different women? It seems like sheer insanity to me.

5.) I have watched Grey's Anatomy for TWELVE seasons, and last night's episode was one of the best ever. It was so good that several people have mentioned that it deserves an Emmy. Ellen Pompeo was BRILLIANT, to say the least.

6.) Much ado about Valentine's day.

7.) How do you deal with that obnoxious, petulant person on your social media, especially when you're too polite to unfollow/unfriend/block said person? We all have one (or two) of such people in at least one social media account.

8.) My dinner sucked tonight. I hate it when my dinner sucks. Oh well, thankful for dinner.

9.) Fear is a powerful force when we let it.

10.) "...find your voice, and when you do, fill the damn silence"--Meredith Grey. Okay seriously, Ellen Pompeo deserves ALL the freaking awards for that episode; season 12, episode 9; directed by THE Denzel Washington.

Hashtag 2016, Hashtag Goals

#2016 #Goals
Yeah it may be February already, but don't let that stop you from imbibing this attitude. Okay? Okay.

By the way, I'm sure every one has heard the #Olajumoke story. What a phenomenal story of grace and favor, huh! I couldn't help but pray God uses me (very soon) as an answer to someone's prayer the way he did TY Bello.

Anyway, have an extra amazing week. Sending some good cheer and positive vibes your way.