A Lesson In Waiting

Something happened to me last week, and after mulling over it for a little while, I thought it was worthy of sharing. Story time. Oh before that, I have been weirdly consistent with posting on my blog. I want to say "check out my blog every Sunday for a new post" but I don't want to jinx it. Still, yay to living intentionally and to more discipline. Have you failed on any resolution? Are you checking on the goals you set for yourself? I mean, February is practically over and before we know it the first quarter is gone. So now will be a good time to assess whatever lists or plans for the year. Ok so, moving on to my story. I digressed.

Last week Wednesday, I was traveling. When I am traveling, I tend to stay away from food because like I shared sometime ago on this blog, I suffer from motion sickness. So by the time I got home, I was really starving. I was so hungry that I am sure I could have eaten an entire lion. Needless to say, there was no way I could muster strength to cook anything. I barely had stamina to stand. Yeah, I am the worst when I am hungry. My mom jokes that I don't toy with my stomach. She ain't never lied; I don't. Anyway so I ordered pizza. That was the most I had energy for. I ordered my pizza and waited patiently (while monitoring the progress online) for the bell to ring. Thirty minutes passed, nothing. Okay, there was a terrible storm and a tornado warning. The weather was really terrible so I thought: a little delay is definitely expected. Then one hour passed, still nothing. On top of that, the website said my pizza had been delivered when I had not seen any pizza. At this point, I was pretty agitated. Who wouldn't be? Remember this was the kind of hunger that makes you tremble. So yeah, I was in a terrible state.

One hour thirty minutes passed, NOTHING. Now, you must be wondering why I didn't just pick up my phone and call them to find out what went wrong. Erm no. I am probably the most impatient person I know. I don't do well waiting. Combine waiting with hunger, and you have a monster. The only thing worse than impatient me is hungry me. I was afraid that if I called, I would say really bad things to the person on the other end of the call. So I waited some more. Then I called. I started by gently explaining my situation, then escalated a little bit to demanding my pizza arrive immediately! Lol. Then he said they tried delivering but I wasn't available. WHAT?! I almost lost it. I explained that I had been waiting very impatiently and there was no way I could have missed it. Not to be histrionic, but I think a few tears dropped after I hung up; I was very pissed. I sent my sister a voice note to vent. Anyway the guy promised to have the driver come back. So I waited some more. Argh. And some more. And some more. Ladies and gentlemen, hunger is bad. I called again, and he said ok they would just redo my order and have someone else deliver it. I threw myself on my bed, dejected and thinking the worst. Because of hunger hahahaha. Smh. There and then I told my sister I wasn't going to tip the deliverer because he didn't deserve it. Several hours later, my pizza came. Glory! lmao. He apologized profusely and recommended that I warmed it up because it was cold. I tipped him, thanked him, and settled down to eat. As I was eating the cold pizza (you know there is no way I waited to heat it right?), I received a call that they have come to deliver another pizza just to show how sorry they were and also to express gratitude for my patience. So now I had two boxes of pizza. hmmm

Now why did I tell you this long story about so much pizza when pizza only hurts your waistline? It wasn't really about the pizza itself. The story was more about a lesson in waiting. In life, when we are waiting and expecting something—anything  at all, we have the tendency to get antsy. Whereas, sometimes waiting teaches us patience, gratitude, and willpower. Unfortunately, our minds and eyes are so set on what it is we want that we currently ignore the many opportunities to learn a thing or two. In other cases, after waiting for what seems like forever, we feel like we  have been abandoned. Only to turn around and get a double dose of what we wanted. As my story shows, waiting is hard for anybody but more so when your eyes are fixed on that thing. But again my story is proof that everything will be okay. You know what's worse? No amount of screaming or tears or throwing myself down could have made the pizza arrive any faster than it did. Same with life. No amount of misery you put yourself in makes what you're expecting come any faster. If there is any lesson in this, it's that patience is indeed a virtue. I am currently WAITING now (for several things), and believe me it is HARD. I keep praying about it and trusting God, but then I turn around to lose hope again even after praying. Which is why I thought to share this, because I'm certain there are others in this situations. Just know that no matter how dark it gets, the sun WILL rise again.



  1. Ifeoluwa,three gbosa for this post;gbosa,gbosa,gbosa.lol

  2. Thanks for sharing. I needed to read/hear this.