Friday Reflections

1.) True love is when you have been whining consistently and absentmindedly about needing something to your sister, and she actually finds a way to get it  to you.

2.) Although it might seem like such a small thing my sister did, it was a grand gesture to me. If you're reading this sissy poo, you are DA best!

3.) One of the things I am most grateful to God for is that I have no diet restrictions. What a huge blessing!

4.) Why do hollywood women (perhaps women generally) do this thing where they date a man about 15 years younger who also has like five different kids by five different women? It seems like sheer insanity to me.

5.) I have watched Grey's Anatomy for TWELVE seasons, and last night's episode was one of the best ever. It was so good that several people have mentioned that it deserves an Emmy. Ellen Pompeo was BRILLIANT, to say the least.

6.) Much ado about Valentine's day.

7.) How do you deal with that obnoxious, petulant person on your social media, especially when you're too polite to unfollow/unfriend/block said person? We all have one (or two) of such people in at least one social media account.

8.) My dinner sucked tonight. I hate it when my dinner sucks. Oh well, thankful for dinner.

9.) Fear is a powerful force when we let it.

10.) "...find your voice, and when you do, fill the damn silence"--Meredith Grey. Okay seriously, Ellen Pompeo deserves ALL the freaking awards for that episode; season 12, episode 9; directed by THE Denzel Washington.

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