Friday Reflections

1.) One day I will host a party/gathering and invite Shonda Rhimes, Chimamanda Adichie, Sheryl Sandberg, Michelle Obama and Ayeesha Curry. We'll all gather around a table to talk/gist and all will be well with the world.

2.) You know things are really bad when presidential candidates are making reference to their genitals on national TV during a debate. This is a first, even for me--who is from a "third world" country.

3.) I currently have a kind of joy in my heart that I can't explain.

4.) Hayyyy it's March. I promise that has nothing to do with the joy described above. That's all God.

5.) I'm going to be one year older on Monday; yay!

6.) "God did not bring you this far, only to leave you alone now." - M's Dad.

7.) "The most important thing is to always be thankful. That's my attitude towards life: gratitude." - My own Dad.

8.) "Made in Nigeria women." I am tired. Just tired. When a Senator of a country is making such a ludicrous statement, it is no wonder misogyny is so ingrained in the society.

9.) House of Cards is bizackkkkkk!

10.) Erm, can people stop calling themselves nerds? Please let's be the judge of that.

11.) Tonto Dike is now Nigerians' sweetheart. Apparently, all it takes to win people's heart is to get married and have a baby. Seen

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