Friday Reflections

1.) My sister is truly a gift that keeps giving.

2.) I'm a teeny weeny disappointed in some people.

3.) Can we please stop with the Trump hysteria? It's not the apocalypse (or maybe it is) but really, stop.

4.) People are so weird; I find it fascinating the amount of photoshoots people have now, and for absolutely everything.

5.) I haven't heard a single thing about Nancy Reagan that did not involve her husband.

6.) What's with everyone being so ostentatious. Nothing seems genuine anymore.

7.) Waiting.

8.) I am suspending the fitfam life for the entire month of March.

9.) Ciara is the perfect reminder to not get bugged down by a loser. Pick up yourself and MOVE on. There are good guys out there, you just have to wait for them to find you.


  1. Trump hysteria will not stop until the election is over. We are talking about the future of one of the greatest nation here! Everyone is def restless about this.
    P.S: You can also go find the good guys :p

    1. Haha. I am somewhat traditional: I believe guys should do the finding not the other way around. That's just me though. As for Trump, I understand people's agitation. I am just convinced that a person like Trump feeds on attention, which is exactly what the hysteria gives him. But I'm glad you shared your opinion. Keep it coming, please :-)

  2. Lol it is ok, lots of people are still very traditional. That is the only way trump stays "relevant" in the news. He rarely says anything political and he wants to be president o.

    1. I know, right! And somehow Trump is able to distract us from the shortcomings of all the other candidates with his noise. Eissh