How To Be Succesful

Easy peasy. I just found the answer.

Moses had just died, and the mantle of leadership was passed on to Joshua. And like anyone new to a position—a leadership one for that matter, Joshua was definitely anxious and worried about being successful. I believe upon seeing his apprehension, God told him what to do in order to be successful. I am therefore assuming that since Joshua was a remarkably successful leader, those principles definitely worked.

Before going on, it is imperative to define success. Success is different things to different people. I read that Ann Landers made a profoundly wise statement: "To a  great many people, money is a measure of success. If they are living on a lavish scale, they think they are successes. And yet many are dismal failures." In a similar notion, Og Mandino said: "The only difference between success and failure is good and bad habits—success is a state of mind." So before going ahead, perhaps you should take a minute to really ponder on what success is to you. Personally (as a Christian), I look to God to put me on the path of success. You can understand why I'd take my tutorial from him. So, how can you be successful? Which for many Christians is the same as asking: how can we fulfill purpose? I'll answer below.

Now Back to Joshua. The first thing God instructed him to do was to be strong and courageous. In other words, for him to be an effective and efficient leader, he would need strength and courage. Even more however, he would need to follow all the instructions Moses gave. In the same vein, if you want to be successful in life, you would need to obey God's words and be sure to not deviate from them. Meditate on them day and night.  Make sure you practice everything written in it. Then will you achieve great success. The Message version has a line that caught my attention: "Give it everything you have, heart and soul...don't get off track, either left or right, so as to make sure you get to where you're going." This was much more empirical and relatable. It is easy—VERY EASY—to  get off track or to be discouraged, especially with rejections and setbacks. But if you're going to be successful, you are going to have to be dogged. You are going to have to keep your eyes on the game. Most importantly, you are going to NEED God.

Now will the above make you mega rich? Maybe. Maybe not. It will certainly make you live out your purpose though, which to me is the true meaning of success.


No matter how tough it gets (and it will be tough), don't get discouraged. God is with you every step you take.


P.S: Instead of this post, I wanted to talk about the Gender Equality and Opportunity Bill that wasn't passed in the Nigerian Senate, which is making my blood boil. But I have realized that sometimes, when you're passionate about a matter, it's best to take a minute to cool off. Then come back to it, so there is no vile, hate, or anger in the post. Although, that topic kinda needs the anger lol.

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