Random Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

There is no promise that what I say here will help you lose weight. I wish I could promise that; I would probably have a multi million business now, since everyone is in the business of losing weight lol. Drop a few pounds, become a weight-loss consultant hahaha. My generation can be so predictable, it's hilarious. Anyway, should you want to imbibe a healthy lifestyle, then you can consider some of what I say below.

Tip one:
You have to cook. When you cook, you will be more certain about what's in your food. As opposed to eating out. If the restaurant says they used a certain kind of oil for instance, there is no way to be sure they did. Forget the nonsense: I can't cook. Cooking is not rocket science or brain surgery. I bet if I gave my twelve year old cousin the necessary instructions, she would make a decent meal. So yeah throw that mentality into the bin. You can cook if you want to. There are millions of blogs and websites and recipe books that will make this easier for you if you're willing. Now many of us don't enjoy cooking. That's understandable. It really is a small price to pay though to keep your body nourished. Please don't deny yourself the opportunity to become a well rounded person just because of some nonsense mentality. Okay? Okay. Yeah, so cook when you can. If you absolute can not, no problem. There are still options.

Tip two:
Move. Really. Just move. Don't be sedentary. Take the stairs, monitor your steps and ensure you are moving some way. If you can, you also should exercise, no matter how small every week. And you really don't need a gym or fancy equipments for that. That are tons of exercise videos on YouTube, which require no equipments. But what ever you do, make sure you move everyday.

Tip three:
Don't say, "I can't ever stop eating this" Whatever this is. Now, I am not a fan of eradicating meals from my diet. I eat everything (or most things)! If I don't eat something, it's most likely because it sucks. I am grateful to God for many things, and having no diet restriction is very close to the top of the list. But while you shouldn't be as drastic as cutting out carbs from your diet completely (I really think this is insane.), you also should not feel like you can't live without a particular food. If you want to stop eating a particular thing, you absolutely CAN. You own your mind, brain, mouth and body. Food does not own you lol. Start by reducing it and then stop.  I personally don't take soda and I don't miss it. At first, once in while I'd take a sip. Now, nope. It's funny because there are some things I don't do, not because they are bad but I probably started out to test my willpower/discipline myself and just ended up stopping entirely. So yeah, give your willpower a try today. You'd be surprised.

Tip four:
Give yourself space to indulge, but don't always reward yourself with junk. You can and really should indulge once in a while. Moreover, try to eat what you enjoy; striking a balance between absolute junk and nutritious meals you love. You need to understand that your body isn't the bin where you can just throw garbage into. If you love your body (and you should), well then treat it right. You only have one body after all, don't we?

So that's it for now. When I think of more things, I will blog about them. But if you want something more drastic or want to drop tons of pounds, there are blogs specifically designed for that. Even if you don't want to lose weight, I still strongly believe you owe it to yourself and to your creator to live right (as much as you can).


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