Friday Reflections

1.) I know who God says I am; sometimes I need a little reminder, but for the most part, I do.

2.) My unpopular opinion is that if social media destroys your marriage, it was never strong enough to begin with.

3.) There are too many insecure men who feel emasculated by their wives' success. So much that someone prayed her husband would be richer than her just to avoid wahala. Heartbreaking.

4.) As for me, I would not massage anyone's ego by downplaying my successes. Easier said than done. I downplay everything, even with people I am not romantically involved with.

5.) I gotta learn how to blow my trumpet. Or not. What would Jesus do?

6.) Tiwa Savage :-( I feel incredibly sorry for her [and him].

7.) April is over, where did time go?

8.) Team Arizona. Callie is really annoying.

Happy Birthday, E!

I really had to wish E a happy birthday here. She's probably the biggest fan of this blog. If I listen to her too much, I'll probably start to overestimate myself. She tells me I'm gifted, that I'm good, and that I write very effortlessly.  She doesn't just talk though, she actually shares posts I write. But that's what friendship is, isn't it? To have people who believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. To have someone who is always there. On my birthday last month, which I spent in solitude by the way, she made all her friends [who had never met/spoken to me] call me. It really was great, but not surprising at all because I know the kind of person E is.


E is a dependable friend. She is extremely kindhearted and very generous. I feel blessed to know someone like her and call her a friend. Erm, she is more than a friend; she is a sister. So,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister-girl. You are one in a million. Our conversations—voice-notes, videos, phone conversations make life more interesting.

I pray God blesses you immeasurably. Shine on baby girl!



Mipuraziba Was Here

I like how blogging helps to document things for posterity. It really feels good to look back on some things I have written and see how far I have come. Anyway, my [childhood] friend, ride or die chic, favorite chic, mainest chic, and Day 1 babe (literally), M  came visiting this weekend. We were bunkmates throughout the six years of secondary school, so our friendship is one of shared history and memories; one that I don't take for granted. We're like sisters actually. Anyway, what better way to do touristy things than when your friend comes visiting? So off we went.

Apart from talking about everything—our lives, secondary school, petty gossip, boys, men, our careers, engagement rings, social media, cars...everything—we also took a buttload of pictures: more than I know what to do with. So I thought, why not share some of them here? Enjoy.

Warning: very picture heavy post.


I'm a YouVersion app stern. That app has been very instrumental in my spiritual growth and development. Whenever I mention being grateful for technology and social media, I'm not just talking about Facebook, Instagram, and co—those  are okay quite alright—but in the grand scheme of things, technology as a whole has been an immense blessing. One I'm very grateful for. I found this article below in one of the millions of plans on YouVersion. It's called "Finding God in the ruins" by Matt Bays. It was very appropriate for the time in my life. It was a time I really needed answers. And that plan as a whole provided a path to answers; it brought perspective. And we all reach those places at one point or the other.  Anyway, I thought this post below needed to be shared.

Friday's Reflections

1.) Just when you think Arizona is the most selfish human on planet earth, Callie actually rises to the occasion by being more selfish. Crazy. #GreysAnatomy

2.) Is Empire doing gospel songs now? Because last week's episode featured a song that ministered to me.

3.) What sort of mother calls her mentally ill son "crazy ass"? #OnlyCookie

4.) The moment you stop waiting to hear God's audible voice, you actually begin to "hear" him. That was slightly paradoxical or completely insane (depending on who is reading).

To My Sister, On Her Birthday

My sister recently volunteered at a community program, where she and her colleagues spent a week building a house for a deserving family. At the end of the program, they did something I really appreciated even though I wasn't one of them. Each person wrote a personal note to the other 19 students they had spent the entire week with.  When she got back, I decided—in the name of being nosy knowing more about her—to  read all of my sister's notes. Frankly, there wasn't anything they said I didn't already know. Almost every single person described her as "caring", "kindhearted" and "always smiling". She really is all those things and more: genuine, patient, determined, gentle, and very intelligent. I'm not even saying these things because she's my sister. If she wasn't my sister, I would still want to be her friend. I have met MANY people in this life and my sister is one of my favorite persons.

My Hair-Story: One Year Natural

A year went by really fast! In this post I wrote last year just after chopping off my hair, I mentioned a desire to keep my hair short. Either I changed my mind, or I just never really meant that. For whatever reason, my hair did grow out. It's been a year since I decided to go natural by cutting my hair, and I still do not regret cutting it. I think it grew faster than I thought it would. If the past year taught me anything though, it's that I have no interest in relaxing it again.

Same day! Gotta love shrinkage...

Friday Reflections

1.) What kind of a person ties their [fallopian] tubes for someone they are not married to? What is really going on in this world?

2.) And while the person above was basking in this foolishness, where was her family?

3.) A man with two baby mamas wrote a lengthy (and incoherent) post on Instagram, bashing a successful millionaire blogger for being unmarried. The content of his idiotic post is too vile for this blog. But yea, such chutzpah!

4.) Still waiting.

Book Of The Month: Bad Girls Of The Bible

I'm doing this thing where I blog about my favorite book of the month. I think it helps promote a reading culture. Now, I'm not saying everybody has to have a reading habit. I do know however that, if you desire a reading habit, this is one way to start. Designate a realistic amount of books to be read in one week or one month. It doesn't matter if I only read one book; that book becomes the book of the month. So of course, Year of Yes was the book for February. The book for March is this gem: Bad Girls of the Bible (And What We Can Learn From Them). Let's just say it's packed with lots of goodness. Although it focuses on ten bad women of the bible, the important thing is how any of us could have been that bad girl. A lot of times, when we read about some of these women in the bible, it's quite easy to judge them or wonder what on earth they were thinking or how could they be so vile. However, the intrinsic traits these women demonstrated are qualities you and me sometimes possess.

Friday Reflections

1.) While we were yet sinners, he died for us.

2.) These terror attacks are so heartbreaking. They are also very scary.

3.) I think Christians need to listen to this Pastor Prince's message on practicality in picking the right partner.  I'll elaborate further in an entirely different post.