Friday Reflections

1.) While we were yet sinners, he died for us.

2.) These terror attacks are so heartbreaking. They are also very scary.

3.) I think Christians need to listen to this Pastor Prince's message on practicality in picking the right partner.  I'll elaborate further in an entirely different post.

3.) "The way you always eat your salads without dressing causes me emotional distress and I'm thinking about suing"-- My Dad to me. Lmao

4.) It's election season on Scandal, so I'm loving the show again. Ya know election is my drug.

5.) I'm so loyal that I am almost feeling guilty for not watching Shonda Rhimes' new show. But the way my life is set up; there's no space for any other show.

6.) Still waiting.

7.) CNN's obsession with Donald Trump is unreal. If they devoted as much time on other candidates, perhaps we wouldn't have this debacle we now have, called the US Elections.

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