Friday Reflections

1.) I know who God says I am; sometimes I need a little reminder, but for the most part, I do.

2.) My unpopular opinion is that if social media destroys your marriage, it was never strong enough to begin with.

3.) There are too many insecure men who feel emasculated by their wives' success. So much that someone prayed her husband would be richer than her just to avoid wahala. Heartbreaking.

4.) As for me, I would not massage anyone's ego by downplaying my successes. Easier said than done. I downplay everything, even with people I am not romantically involved with.

5.) I gotta learn how to blow my trumpet. Or not. What would Jesus do?

6.) Tiwa Savage :-( I feel incredibly sorry for her [and him].

7.) April is over, where did time go?

8.) Team Arizona. Callie is really annoying.

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